10 Monsoon Skin Care Tips

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When it comes to heavy rains, affectionately known as the monsoon season, everything from your mood to your skin is affected. The ability to fight off anything that hurts your body - your immunity - decreases during this downpour. The weather has the ability to hurt your insides pretty quick from typhoid to dysentery, it can really be dangerous. Because your skin is your most outward protection, it is gravely affected - it can result in eczema, rashes, prickly heat boils and even pimples.

The treatment the weather gives our skin is quite harsh and unforgivable! Let’s talk about its general effects and leave off with 10 great tips for your convenience.

Everybody would love to have tips to make sure their skin glows even during the worst weather possible. It’s hard taking care of skin during harsh weather, because our skin sometimes have their own restrictions when it comes to products that we use on them.

The surface of your skin is the most exposed to harsh weather conditions and so it’s important to get the impurities off of it. The processes of cleansing is crucial to any skin care routine, by the way, regardless of the weather.

The rains comes with all their force bringing humidity along with it - this is the culprit behind the pores of our skin getting clogged. The pores have to be hydrated so nothing can enter it or penetrate into the skin. In skin care routines, to clean your pores, the process is called toning. Organic toners are skin loving as they don’t have many chemicals - generously soak a cotton ball and use it on your face and neck at least 2 times a week. Make sure it is alcohol free and does not leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated.

Hydration is key to skin health regardless of the external factors that can affect it. Experts say that 8 glasses of water a day could do wonders for your skin and keep problems at bay. Along with sealing in moisture, water also has the ability to boost the essential oils of your skin and to flush away gross toxins.

Scrubbing your face is not always the best thing you can do for it. Forceful scrubbing may feel as though you are thoroughly cleaning your skin, but your harming it most of the times. Your skin always needs a little extra care! Exfoliation though is important to have as part of a skin care routine, but only once a week. The reason it has been advised to not go overboard on exfoliation is because this will remove the natural oils that your skin produces resulting in dull skin.

A global worldwide rule when it comes to skin care is to protect it from the unforgiving rays of the sun - besides being really harmful to your skin over time because of UV rays, sun burns just aren’t fun. It is recommended to use SPF 30 or more for the entire day you’re sweating it out in the heat.

Now for the kicker, here are 10 skin care tips that can help you out as you try to adjust your precious skin to this monsoon season:

(1) The skin has to remain hydrated throughout the day - try to use cleansers that are soap free.
(2) Try not to use bleach on your skin during the downpours, it makes skin rough.
(3) This is for the ladies - use waterproof makeup that is light, stay away from makeup that is cream based. The humidity will ruin it all! Make sure you use a water based makeup remover to get rid of all of it at the end of the day.
(4) Do not use cold water to wash your face after coming home from terrible weather - use lukewarm water instead.
(5) Clean your skin at least 3 times a day, this will take out all the accumulation of toxins and grime on the surface of your skin. They are what clog your pores.
(6) Oil secretion from glands increases during the monsoon, so if you have oily skin, opt for moisturizers that are water based.
(7) Exfoliation is key - it removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin which if accumulated clog pores and instigate breakouts. As mentioned above, don’t overdo it!
(8) Skin reacts in the most weirdest ways at times, and it is commonly said that artificial jewelry - especially on sensitive skin - increases the risk of a rash in intense humidity.
(9) When you shower - use warm water not hot water. The reason for this is because piping hot water can damage your skin by dehydrating it.
(10) Toner - use a non-alcoholic one after you’ve washed your face free of the day’s dirt. This helps in keeping your skin pH balance even giving you glowing skin.

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