10 Skin Care Essentials You Must Own

. 4 min read

With the huge amount of skin care products available, it can be confusing knowing what to use. In this post, our dermatologists tell you their pick of the 10 essential items every person should own. Read on to find out more!

1. Facewash
You wake up in the morning, and you wash your face. Before you sleep at night, you wash your face. Instead of grabbing the nearest thing in your bathroom, it pays to use a facewash that’s suitable for your particular skin type and needs. Washing your face rids you of exfoliated skin debris, oil, and grime, and leaves the skin clean. Invest in one that’s ideal for you, and stick to it!


2. Moisturiser
Washing your face often, though essential, can leave your skin slightly dehydrated. Replenish your skin’s thirst by using the right moisturiser – as with your facewash, it’s important that you get the right advice and use one that’s suitable for you.

If you have acne issues, avoid heavy moisturisers. If you have very dry skin, make sure to pick up a hydrating one. Supplying the skin with the goodness of moisture will keep it looking fresh and young.


3. Sunscreen
An absolute must for everyone. Whether you get sun exposure or not, protection from UV rays with a sunscreen is an imperative part of any skin routine. Those merciless rays can reach you through clouds and windows, and are even reflected from snow! There is no escape. Prevent sun spots and photo aging by religiously using this product and your skin will thank you for years to come.


4. Lip balm
Many of us love lipstick and lip gloss and while the colour and shine looks great, it will work only if your lips are healthy and hydrated. Chapped, dehydrated lips make you look tired, and tempt you to keep licking them, which further dehydrates them. Use a rich and nourishing lip balm to rejuvenate dried lips. Putting some on at night just before sleeping is a good move to ensure they are soft the next day. And for the men who might think it’s unnecessary – you too should use lip balm, at least at night!

lip balm

5. Vitamin C
If you’re looking to upgrade your routine, adding a vitamin C serum helps in brightening and rejuvenation. Applying it in the morning along with your sunscreen is a good idea - vitamin C is photo-protective and anti-aging. While we chew our vitamin C tablets and drink it in various forms for our general health, add a serum to your daily routine to improve your skin’s glow.

6. Make-up remover
Water isn’t enough to remove make-up, cleansing milk may not remove the particles sufficiently, and may in turn cause it to stick further to your skin. Make sure you’re using a non-oily make up remover if you’re acne prone - always use one that’s friendly for your eyes, so they don’t burn while taking off kajal or eyeliner.

7. BB cream
If you want a “finished” look everyday, but don’t want to use heavy duty make up, a BB cream is a good alternative. It also acts as a mild sunscreen, since all BB creams have tint and give a smooth, non-“cakey” finish to the skin. BB cream is also good for those who get acne, as excess make up can clog pores and worsen pimples.

8. Firming creams
Aging is inevitable, and it can start showing as early as our 30s. Invest in a good anti-aging firming cream that you can use on your face as well as on your neck at least 2 or 3 times a week to keep the repairing process going, and slow aging down.

9. Foot cream
Being on your feet all day can take its toll. Skin thickening, and cracking of heels can be prevented by keeping your feet moisturised. Make sure you moisturise daily with special foot creams that can help get rid of the excess dead skin.

10. Calamine lotion
It’s always good to keep one handy in case of insect bites or random itches and hives. It helps to cool the skin down, and will give you initial relief of the itching until you can get a specific ointment or cream.

To know what the best products are for you, nothing beats consulting a dermatologist. With Remedico, you can get advice from a certified dermatologist from your phone, and it takes just 5 minutes. Try us out today!🙂