They say with graying hair comes wisdom and experience but not always. It’s a sign of distress if occurs prematurely.

In recent times, fast lifestyles, late hours of work, random sleeping patterns hinder the natural biological clock to function correctly. These dysfunctionalities give rise to a number of problems which affect our health and appearance. Graying of hair at a premature stage is one of those unwanted problems. Let us now see the potential causes and some probable solutions.

  • Stress: The modernization of the world comes at a price and that’s stress. More or less we all fall prey to this evil. Be it professional or personal, it seems to affect you both mentally and physically. Graying or discolouration of hair at an early age is a clear indication of stress. The colour of your hair is due to a pigment called melanin. Recent studies have found that hormones secretion due to stress can reduce the melanocyte stem cells that determines hair colour. Moreover, stress causes the stem cells to leave your hair follicles, leading to gray or white hair. Remedy: Small changes in lifestyle and adopting healthy habits like meditation can help you de-stress. If the problem persists, you should definitely visit a doctor.
  • Excessive use of hair dryers and hot irons: We all love that perfectly blow dried straight hair or those luscious curls.But aside from these benefits, hot iron has its own harmful effects. Prolonged use of high heat to style your hair may damage it severely by burning them causing discolouration. Also, high heat damages the pigment melanin responsible for maintaining the natural hair colour. Your hair not only gets oxidised but also the melanin synthesis is disrupted resulting in pale yellow, gray or white hair. Remedy: Reducing the usage of the hot irons and blow dryers can prevent the discolouration. Also, lowering the heat and using mild shampoo and a nourishing conditioner will help as well. Consult a doctor to choose the right shampoo and serum to prevent it from graying due to heat.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Vitamin B12 deficiency can accelerate the graying of hair. Vitamin B12 is needed for the manufacturing of red blood corpuscles (RBC) and also for the proper functioning of the central nervous system. This vitamin is mainly found in non-veg food; however, it is only absorbed by the body as a result of the process of digestion. Several health problems like people with gastrointestinal or digestive issues may also be at a higher risk of premature graying. Research in the related field has shown that vegan people are at a higher risk of graying hair due to this deficiency. Remedy: Vitamin B12 is primarily found in non-vegetarian food like eggs, meat, chicken, fish etc. At least, 2.5-3.0 mcg (micro-gram) of this type of vitamin each day can prevent gray hair. If you are a non vegetarian, you can easily fulfil this requirement by eating 30 grams of sardines or drinking two cups of milk every day. Consult a nutritionist to analyse your personalised requirements of this vitamins as every human system has its own requirements.
  • Thyroidism: Thyroidism is basically divided into two types: Hypothyroidism which is caused due to the deficiency of the Thyroxine hormone and Hyperthyroidism which is an overactive thyroid. Any of these abnormalities may lead to fluctuation of not only Thyroxine but also other Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The altered proportions of these hormones disrupt the natural synthesis of melanin resulting in discolouration of hair. Remedy: Stress is one of the main reasons for Thyroidism. Proper diet and medicine can help you keep the disease in check and even reverse the process of graying hair. Treatment to thyroid conditions and its underlying causes should be taken seriously , preferably with doctor’s advice.
  • Excess smoking: Gray hair is formed when the melanocytes in the hair follicles stop producing melanin (pigment). This reduction in melanin synthesis is usually triggered by age, but there is evidence that shows that the process of ageing, stress, and some medical interactions can cause the melanocytes to stop producing prematurely. Now, recent researches have proven that excessive smoking can increase stress and accelerate the process of ageing which, in turn, hindering normal melanin synthesis resulting in premature graying of hair. Remedy: Quit smoking. Though known to be the best solution, but quitting may not be possible for some people. Reducing the number of puffs can certainly help in stopping premature graying or ageing of hair.
  • Styling Gel and Serum: You may often use styling hair gel to hold your hair better or to set the perfect curl at its place. You may even sometimes use smoothing serum to get an even textured hair. But, often these styling gels and serums contain bleaching and detergent-like chemicals resulting in graying and loss of hair. Remedy: Stop using chemical enriched styling gels or serum. Always consult a professional who can help choose the best natural harmless styling gel or serum for your hair to prevent hair loss and premature graying.
  • Genetics: Last, but not the least, genetics play a vital role in premature graying of hair. If premature graying exists in the heredity of the family, you are bound to end up with it. Unfortunate, but true! This problem lies in the gene and is very hard to combat. Remedy: Premature graying of hair, if caused by genetics, is extremely difficult to fight. It is recommended to dye your hair with organic colours and wash your hair with sulphate free natural shampoos. Smoking, blow drying and excessive styling chemicals can aggravate the situation further. It would be best to avoid these. Also, maintaining a proper Vitamin B12 and other essential nutrient-enriched diet, and meditating to de-stress can certainly help to fight genetically induced premature graying of hair. Graying of hair is a natural process and will eventually happen to all of us but if it occurs before its natural course of age, it is a matter of concern. Though maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce half the problem, but premature graying of hair can be the effect of more serious underlying issues like   pernicious anaemia or Hyper/hypo -thyroidism. Always, consult a doctor if the problem persists.


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