3 Effective Ways To Deal With Acne

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Acne is a medical condition with an unfortunate stigma; there are ways to help your skin though. The main aspects of acne are not commonly known as it’s usually associated with puberty and hormones. The most important thing to realize when it comes to your skin is that it is the largest organ in your body and the most affected by almost anything you do.

Let’s split our thought process into three segments so you can see how you can help your skin heal in three different ways.

(1) Medical:
(a) Early Treatment:
Acne is a medical condition while most think that it’s only associated with puberty and will go away after a while. It has different types and grades, all of which are considered when a treatment plan is prepared for you. When treated early, you are saving yourself from long term scarring which is one of the most permanent consequence of severe acne. Waiting for acne to heal can cause it to worsen over time, leaving deep embedded scars. Not to mention if you do have severe acne, an underlying health concern may be causing it. It’s better not to be in the dark, go see a professional instead. This is best way to prevent permanent scars - start treatment early.

(b) Consistent medication:
All medication have science to why they work, but we don’t have the time to understand all that. Let’s make it simpler for you! Acne treatment has two goals: stop further breakouts and heal the skin from existing breakouts. In order to do this, more than one topical medications can be used along with or independent of oral medication - all this is determined by your dermatologists. As a patient trusting your doctors, you should try and be responsible for one thing - finish the course of your medications, no matter the duration. The reason we say this is because there is no miracle cure for acne, it requires that you be committed consistently to the medication prescribed to you.

(2) Lifestyle:
If we could put this in a bubble for you, it would involve three things: Diet, exercise and mental health. Consume a nutritious balanced diet, rich in all the essential components, along with ample amounts of water helps in keeping your skin healthy, soft and supple. A nutritious balanced diet keeps your skin moisturised and prevents dry skin and flakiness.

Regular exercise is one of the keys to glowing skin - it nourishes your skin cells and keeps it vital. It works by increasing the blood flow (BF) in your body. It is a given fact that exercise is good for your heart, lungs etc. But any activity that increases your blood flow is beneficial for healthy skin.. In addition to providing oxygen, BF helps carry the waste products, from working cells of your body. Exercise helps to regulate metabolism which in turn helps with acne.

Dust off the stress: Yes, we understand that is easier said than done - stress can elevate cortisol levels giving acne a leeway to pop up at any time causing flares.

(3) Self-care
(a) Skin care routine & product usage:
A skin care routine is based on skin type and should not be generalized. When it comes to understanding what’s good for your skin, especially the use of products - a dermatologist should be consulted. Any products that you would use on your skin - besides them being specific to your skin type - should be used in moderation.

A dermatologist is extremely important when it comes to helping you on your journey to clear and healthy skin. These three aspects are important to be considered when you decide to take your step towards healing your acne.

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