3 Reasons Why Makeup Might Be Causing Your Breakouts!

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When you use makeup to cover your skin’s blemishes or acne, you may be worsening it - did you know that? At the end of the day most makeup brands aren’t out to help your skin so why not just let your skin be treated in the right manner. Heal your skin instead right? Nobody has time for bad skin days!

Let’s explain to you how mistakes in how you apply makeup could be causing you to experience serious acne. Acne is a common phenomenon during puberty and is popularly very annoying when you experience it as an adult. Usually our minds deviate to over the counter medications in hopes that it will clear out. Don’t forget acne is a medical condition so it requires a medical treatment plan that should be prescribed by a dermatologist. The reason we say this is because, treatment for acne isn’t a general thing, it has to adhere to your specific skin needs.

Besides treatment, the main thing about consulting a dermatologist is to find the cause behind long-term acne. Just in case you’re a little skeptical to visit one to find out that makeup might be causing you to breakout - we can give you a tad bit of information on how it does.

Are you using the wrong foundation?
Makeup in general does not cause breakouts, but the ingredients that are used to make your expensive foundation can clog the pores of your precious face. Clogged pores helps bacteria that cause acne to prosper!

Read your labels because ingredients are important, after all, you’re putting them on your face! If the label reads non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic or mineral based, that’s a jackpot - this reduces the risk of clogged pores and skin irritation.

Covering your face with a thick layer of foundation not only doesn’t help your skin heal but it makes it a lot worse. If makeup is part of your morning routine and there’s no compromising that - try using a **spot treatment **(from a dermatologists prescription, please) before you apply any sort of foundation.

So, we are all human and popping pimples is an urge that is one of the hardest things to avoid - so if by any chance you do so DO not just lather a layer of foundation on open broken skin. This might cause an infection you just don’t have time for!

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup tools?
Do you clean your makeup tools? Don’t worry, we forget too! Many of us don’t realize that we’re literally putting leftover makeup that has been damp, then dried and accumulated bacteria back on your fresh skin. Your skin retaliates and starts to breakout, a natural process.

Wash your brushes once a week - more if you used them very often. The bacteria that builds up there is unavoidable but washing them regularly reduces their chance of being there. Ideally you should wash your brushes every time you use them - but who has time for that with our busy lives? But show your skin some love at least once a week, we promise the feeling of a clean soft brush is heavenly. If you use makeup sponges for your foundation, you can use a simple routine to wash them - soap and warm water!

Are you sleeping with makeup?
When you go about your busy day, dirt and oil gets trapped underneath your neat layer of makeup no matter how much you try to stop it. Dirt and oil in itself can cause a breakout, now you add makeup to the mix - you have a great concoction for acne havoc.

There’s is a fix for this - don’t you worry! Use a gentle cleanser to make sure there is no remaining makeup that is clogged in your pores as you get your beauty sleep.

We’re sure you’ve heard these points before, but have you included it into your skin care routine? To sum it all up - makeup can cause acne but doesn’t always do so but it does make blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and inflammation a lot worse. Areas of your face that are oil prone such as your nose, chin and forehead are vulnerable especially if you use concealer or foundation powders or liquid.

These tips will definitely help improve your skin if you do suffer from acne and makeup is part of your skin care routine. It is very important to remember that acne is a condition, not a phase and does require treatment from a professional.

A dermatologist can assess your skin’s needs and prescribe a treatment that is suited just for you - general treatment is never an option. You lucked out, we offer the most convenient way to get you started - no hassles, no appointments.

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