5 Signs That You Have Body Odour

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It’s not uncommon to have body odour, however it is important to know when you do. In this post we discuss five signs that tell you that you have body odour.

Often body odour throws people off, causing them to quietly leave your company or in some cases even run away with squeamish faces because they just can’t stand your natural smell. The fact remains that if you stink, others suffer more than you do.

Here are some signs to tell you that you might smell a little fishy:

  1. Nobody wants to hang out with you anymore
    Man might be a social animal; but put in some nauseating odours and it’ll make you want to stay in your room forever. If you stink, you’ll notice how people prefer to keep away; no more hugs and kisses, no more intimate talks cuddled up in a cozy place. You might even notice people gagging, or holding their nose. (Not that they would’ve wanted you to notice!)

    If you are a victim to sudden isolation from humans you were otherwise close to, you must either be really rude, or really stinky.

  2. Somebody tells you
    Very few of us are lucky enough to have friends to say things out loud. Directly or indirectly, as long as someone suggests that you do not smell… nice, you might need to take adequate measures to fix it.

  3. Self-assessment
    Take off your clothes and stand under a fan until your nose is clear - then sniff your clothes. If your olfactory senses are even slightly active, you will be able to smell yourself. If you’re not happy with the smell? You need to look into ways to smell better. Smell yourself at random times during the day and use a good antiperspirant so that others don’t have to do the same. If you have a weird taste in your mouth, your breath probably stinks too. Breathe into your palm and smell your breath. If you want a more accurate test for bad breath scrape your tongue with a spoon and smell it. If it smells bad beyond a certain limit, you probably have bad breath. Brush your teeth, wash your mouth with a mouthwash or chew breath mints ASAP. Nobody needs to know what lies inside the deep dark cave of your mouth!
    If the room smells after you take off your shoes, your feet probably are the source. This rarely requires an outside source’s opinion. Smelly feet are not Happy feet, so make sure you get rid of it.

  4. Greasy hair
    If you haven’t washed your hair in a while and you’re losing friends, you need to run to the shower. Often our hair smells a lot more than our body, and we won’t realize it because it’s our own hair. Our hair extends out of our body and under others’ noses, so it carries smells away from us, but that’s just as worse. Run your fingers through your hair and make sure you don’t have greasy knots. Wash your hair regularly to keep away dust and dirt too!

  5. Timeline history
    What you did all day will tell you what you smell like. If you sit in a shiny squeaky office with AC it is unlikely that you develop bad odour as you don’t sweat. However if you work in a demanding environment, running around you might stink towards the end of the day. If you ate garlic or onions, your breath is going to stink, come what may. If you have been wearing the same socks for a week, your feet and shoes will stink. If you just got out of a high intensity workout session and didn’t shower, you probably stink. What you do effects what you smell like, be aware of such situations!

Body odour is very embarrassing, but it can be fixed. Make sure you know that you’re smelling. The first step to smelling good is knowing that you smell bad - so don’t sweat it!

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