You ever wake up one day with one pimple, and go to sleep with 4 in the same spot? Yeah, you’re not the only one! Did you know that in the year 2010, acne was ranked the eighth in the list of the most prevalent diseases in the world?

As crazy as that may seem, it is not impossible to get acne treated. What is important though is understanding that acne isn’t the same for everyone, your skin is unique - it needs special TLC!

We all know that acne has plagued many - either we’ve witnessed it or experienced it, neither of which is a good ride. Most people either underestimate acne, or think they have acne when 10 pimples show up on their face. We’re here to enlighten you on what this condition is really all about!

In medical jargon, it is called acne vulgaris and is, biologically speaking, a condition of your pilosebaceous glands. These glands are all happy until they get inflamed or infected - and then the monstrous pimples show up in bulk.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to acne being triggered - hormones (when mother nature comes into play during puberty), climate, diet, stress and the most annoying one, genetic factors.

In order to be treated, acne needs to be understood. They are causes and triggers, both of which are completely different from each other. So here, are simple details about this skin condition that irritates about a million girls (underestimation) around the world - yes, boys too but they’re not as cranky about it.

Everyone has different skin and different reactions to what is put on their skin. Ladies, it is like makeup, one shade does not fit all and men, a beard wouldn’t work for everyone right?

Read about the age old skin rebellion, to understand more about the condition. You may not be genetically vulnerable to acne, maybe it’s your skin care routine or another trigger you can’t put your finger on. These blog posts will help understand the condition in simple point of view.