What is your skin type?

What is your skin type? And does it matter? What are the characteristics of each skin type? What are common skin care strategies? Today we answer these questions and more. What is your skin type? [...]

Do you look tired all the time?

Are signs of fatigue showing up on your face regardless of your routine? Do people mistake your fresh face for a no-sleep face? Here’s how to get that glow back. A hectic lifestyle, ageing, [...]

Skin care tips while travelling

Laser hair reduction – Frequently asked questions

Getting tired of waxing every time hair grows back? Want hairless smooth skin but don’t want the hassle of frequent waxing? Or perhaps you have hair growing at places you’d rather it did not. In [...]

Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin tones

Everybody desires a blemish free and even skin tone. A sharp mind is a must have, but what sets up the so-called “first impression” is a bright confident face. But as you age you might experience [...]

To colour, or not to colour that is the question

Fashion is no more restricted to the craziest clothing and hair accessories. Everything is fair game, and hair colouring is more common, and easier, than it ever was. So throw a dart or pick up a [...]

Hacks for great skin this winter

Seasons keep changing, and life keeps moving. The pace of life only keeps increasing, and only once in a blue moon do you get to catch a breath. In such a busy life, micromanaging everything is [...]

The Science Behind Cell Hydration: Dry Skin

Dry skin has often been a problem for many of us in our daily lives. A dull complexion that does not go away even after using a highlighter and bright blush may likely have one reason behind it: [...]

Winter is here: Is your skin ready?

The sudden nip in the air, the falling of the crimson leaves, the colorful gatherings near the tea stalls indicate that winter is knocking on the doors. With winter comes in the festivities. We [...]

Your guide to chapped lips

They say, “A smile, is the key to a person’s heart”. This winter let’s make sure we don’t lose the key due to dry, chapped lips. In the blog post we discuss everything [...]

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