Customer Interview - Yash Chokhani

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*We spoke to Yash Chokhani, one of our recent customers about his experience with us. Here’s his Remedico review –

Q1). How did you hear about Remedico?
A1). I heard about Remedico through a couple of my relatives.

Q2). Did you have any doubts prior to consulting with a dermatologist online?
A2). At first, before starting my consultation, I was wondering how a doctor would be able to treat me for my hair fall without seeing me. But my relatives had assured me this was a really thorough process.  After I started the questionnaire, I realised that everything about me is really being understood through the process.

Q3). How did you find the process?  Were you satisfied with the treatment plan provided?
A3). The process was simple and fast. It took just 1 day to get the treatment and for just Rs. 350, I was really happy! The follow ups have been super helpful too. After 3 months of treatment, the doctor adjusted my treatment plan based on my progress, and I’ve been seeing great results.

Q4). What would you say stood out most about our service?
A4). It’s saves money and time when compared to actually visiting a dermatologist’s clinic. I usually put off seeing a doctor over something like my hair because I barely get the time. But since it was possible to get the advice right from my phone without needing to go to a clinic and deal with traffic, this made it much easier for me.

Q5). Are you noticing an improvement in your skin/hair condition?
A5). Yeah, the quality and quantity of my hair has improved ever since I’ve been following the treatment plan prescribed by the Remedico dermatologists. Super happy with the results.

Q6). Would you use Remedico again and would you recommend us to your friends and family?
A6). Yes, definitely! I am also happy to recommend it to anyone I know who may need the help 🙂

Like Yash, you too can consult a dermatologist right from your smartphone.