Dr. Abhishek Omchery Takes You Through Our Process

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In this blog post, we are happy to bring you a story about one of our recent customers, Rahul Goyal. Rahul came to Remedico for his acne problem, and was treated by Dr Abhishek Omchery.

We spoke with Dr Omchery about his experience with treating Rahul.

How would you describe Rahul’s condition initially?
Rahul came to us with severe acne, with big treatment-resistant cystic acne, and swellings. Because of this, he was feeling frustration, low self-confidence and physical pain. He told us that his engagement was coming up in six weeks, and was very stressed that his acne would ruin this occasion for him. He of course wanted to look his best.

What did you prescribe for him?
Such cases need patience, both from the dermatologist and the patient. The patient must trust the dermatologist and follow the treatment that they prescribe. The dermatologist on the other hand must spend time counselling the patient and be available to answer the patient’s queries.

I tailored a treatment plan for Rahul, looking at the severity of his acne and scars, along with his skin type. A combination of anti-acne antibiotics, retinoids, and creams were given. We were conscious of keeping his medications as low as possible (without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment), and minimising any side effects.

How did Rahul’s condition change?
Rahul did not see an improvement for about a week after his treatment was started. This is a normal phenomenon as medicines do take a little time to act. Patients tend to get frustrated when this happens and due to the desperation of wanting to get rid of such pimples, they end up either going to unqualified doctors, or combine illogical home therapies with prescriptions from multiple doctors to try to get rid of the acne lesions faster. This is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Rahul showed perseverance by sticking to his treatment plan, and showed brilliant results after about 3-4 weeks. His wide grin in the post treatment photograph is evidence enough about his feelings.

We were able to be there throughout the process to check on his progress, and to guide and support him, just like a friend would. This is the uniqueness of this platform. The patient feels secure since the doctor is available for regular follow-ups, and the Remedico platform makes it very easy to check in with the patient over time.

I believe the best results happen when medicines are combined with compassion. I’m very happy to have helped Rahul get rid of his acne, and wish him well for his engagement and wedding.

Like Rahul, you too can consult a dermatologist right from your smartphone, and experience the benefits of Remedico.