Dangers of Home Remedies

. 3 min read

When it comes to your health, nothing should be taken for granted. A lot of things come into play when you are dealing with a health condition - genetics, lifestyle, self-care, other medical conditions. All of these can have positive or negative effects on your body when altered - so why not alter it for the better?

Skin and hair medical issues not only affect the body physically but can psychologically affect you as well. These issues are more public than most as they are more visible to others, causing you to feel embarrassed. The truth is that though, you’re definitely not alone - there are many people out in the world that have the same hair or skin issue as you. The key to better skin and hair is not to find a quick easy fix - consult an expert on these issues instead.

The reason we are writing this article is because the point we are trying to make is very important. We are sure you have heard many professionals tell you to not self-diagnose or self-medicate. When it comes to your skin and hair - besides them being very precious to you - damaging them is not easy to avoid. Our basic lifestyle habits, our diet, medications - all factor into the health of our skin and hair. It takes a little more care and paying attention to, to realise how you can be negatively affecting your skin and hair.

Home remedies - especially when it comes to beauty - have become popular over the years. People often get obsessed with the idea of quick results but the truth is that most skin and hair issues require medical professionals. Your skin and hair are already sensitive to external factors such as the weather and internal factors such has health conditions - why add lifestyle to that mess?

When you have a skin or hair condition, you should first figure out the cause behind it. The cause is what needs to be treated - it will relieve the symptoms. Using home remedies may have worked for many people, but your skin and hair type doesn’t match anyone else’s. Home remedies like honey, lemon, milk, yoghurt all sound familiar, we are sure, but we advice against it.

Not to mention, using too much of anything isn’t good. Seeing a number of likes on home remedies online does not mean it will work for you. If you do make your condition worse, it’s harder to treat. For example there are upteen home remedies for acne, but we all tend to forget that it is a medical diagnosis that requires professional treatment.

The reason why is because you could be aggravating your condition without even knowing it. Of course at times you can just be lucky, and the condition can improve - but how can you guarantee that it was your home remedy or your immune system working extra shifts? You may have also solved your condition temporarily which is not a great idea as anything could trigger your symptoms.

The most important point though is that your skin and hair can react to health conditions. You could be missing an underlying health condition by choosing home remedies to treat the surface problems. When the body isn’t healthy on the inside, your skin and hair are among the first parts of the body that give the best clues. This is your body warning you that something is off - all of which can be determined and treated by a trained physician.

If you notice anything different negatively with your skin and hair, please consult a dermatologist. Think about the long term when it comes to the health of your skin and hair. A certified dermatologist has a trained mind and eye that will determine the cause of your condition. They can further implement a treatment plan that best suits your skin and its needs. Why try something over the counter or from your kitchen, when you can guarantee improvement with a dermatologist.

With Remedico you can consult a dermatologist online and in 24 hours receive a treatment plan that is prepared uniquely just for you. Give your skin and hair some love, consult with us today!