Day Time Skin Care Tips

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Waking up in the morning can be a tiring task for most, but there a few things people do that can jolt them up. A shower, some hot coffee, yummy breakfast - what about a rejuvenating skin care routine? Having flawless skin is everyone’s dream, but that requires a lot of taking care of before it becomes a habit. What’s a great way to kick start your day than fresh glowing and healthy skin?

A morning skin care routine - whether you’re on your way out or not - prepares your skin for the day ahead. The products you use in the morning is kind of like protective gear for your skin to be able to handle the stress of the day.

Here are few tips that you can use while planning a morning skin care routine - it is not that hard to follow!

Wipe it off:
While you sleep, your body does tend to heat up and sweating is inevitable. It does not matter if you showered before bed or not, there is going to be some sort of buildup on your skin. The products you used before bed can also clog pores along with dirt from sweat. So the first step, when you wake up, should be to wipe it all off. You can use a mild cleansing wash - this will give your skin a boost of freshness. It will also give you a clean base for the products you plan to use that day. Do not overdo on any cleansing products, a small palm size is more than enough. Using too much may dry out your skin! Dab it on your face with a circular motion and wash with lukewarm water. Dab your face with a soft towel, do not rub or use a harsh towel. Word to the wise - always change your face towels and never share it.

Now, this is not an everyday thing - please remember that. Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells that build up on your skin throughout the day. Using it once in 10 to 14 days works just fine. If you’d like to use a product, make sure it’s not harsh on your skin or has any ‘beads’ that can cause tiny abrasions on your skin.

Hydrating your skin after cleansing it is important because during the cleansing process, the natural oils that are present have also been scrubbed away. Depending on the type of skin you have, use a thin layer of a mild moisturizer and cover every inch of your face. This will protect your skin throughout the day, allowing it to stay fresh and not dry out. Do not use too much as that will make your skin greasy, a pea sized amount is more than enough. Massage it into your skin and make sure it’s absorbed before you put anything else on it.

Protect yourself from the harsh rays:
Sunscreen is probably the most forgotten gem of skin care - we don’t know why. Problems such as pigmentation of skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and spots, are mostly from the sun hot rays, not to mention UV light is dangerous. Why put your skin through that, when you can just put on a thin layer of protectant in 60 seconds?

We’re sure you’ve seen three letters on sunscreen lotions - SPF, this is what indicates the amount of sun exposure our skin can take before it becomes vulnerable to ‘photo-damage.’ Just to help you out, we’ll explain! - SPF 15 provides 94% protection against intense UV rays, SPF 30 provides 97% protection, and SPF 50 provides 98% protection. Ideally in summer you should use SPF 50. SPF ratings higher than this don’t provide a significant increase in terms of protection.

Apply sunscreen 20 - 30 minutes before the sun greets you, and re-apply it every 2-3 hours. It may seem like a job, but it’s something that helps your skin in the long run, so why not give it a try?

Oh, and just because you aren’t leaving the house, doesn’t mean the sun can’t get to you. So use it as part of your morning skin care routine, regardless of if you’re going to be in direct contact with the sun.

Prime Time: if you're going to use make up then use a primer before the sunscreen.
Once you’ve cleaned your face and used a protectant for it, you are now ready for products - but you need a smooth base! A primer can fill in the pores and hide subtle fine lines providing a great base for makeup. A small amount can do wonders - use your index finger and smoothe a pea sized amount of primer over your skin, it’ll set in 2 minutes max. You can now apply makeup and we suggest light makeup for mornings! The reason we say this is because you sweat more when the sun is up causing the makeup to clog your pores!

People think the more products that is used, the more beneficial it is but that is not the case at all. The most important factor is using products that suit your skin type - only then will it be beneficial to your skin. Sometimes it may seem that you’re hearing the same products for skin care over and over again - but look at it this way, if it’s being repeated, it probably is really important for your skin. It may be hard to follow a routine, but once you push yourself to get started on your journey to taking good care of your skin, the results won’t have you thinking twice about continuing!

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