Do You Look Tired All The Time?

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Are signs of fatigue showing up on your face regardless of your routine? Do people mistake your fresh face for a no-sleep face? Here’s how to get that glow back.

A hectic lifestyle, ageing, health problems and bad routines can cause you to look tired even if you get your 8 hours plus power naps. Getting that glow and fresh look back depends on many factors. But first, here are some signs of tiredness and exhaustion that might be edging people on to ask if you had a bad night.

  • Dark Circles: Dark areas of skin near the eyes are a tell-tale sign of insomnia and of not getting enough rest. Dark circles also creep up because of fatigue, emotional distress or dehydration.
  • Puffy Eyes: Puffy eyes can be caused by a lot of things. A puffy eye is caused by fluid retention in the eye’s connective tissues, often due to overconsumption of salt or lack of sleep. A thyroid problem or consumption of alcohol can be a reason too.
  • Dry Skin: Due to ageing, oil production in the skin decreases. Dry skin for most people is caused by frequent use of harsh soaps and skin care products. Whatever the reason, dry skin can dull your complexion.
  • Poor Complexion: Complexion is an umbrella term for various factors that contribute to the final look of your skin. Lack of skin renewal from ageing, lack of sleep or poor circulation can be the cause of a dull complexion.
  • Droopy Eyelids: The levator muscle is responsible for lifting the eyelid. As you age, that muscle can stretch and, as a result, cause the eyelid to fall.
  • Bloodshot Eyes: Bloodshot eyes is a term used to refer to red eyes. They are caused when the small blood vessels on the surface of the eye (sclera) become enlarged and congested with blood. This occurs as a result of insufficient oxygen supply to the cornea or the tissues covering the eyes.

To get rid of a tired look, these signs need to be dealt with along with tackling ageing. Following are some tips which help you look energized and make your skin glow:

  • Hydrate: This is a recurring advice in skin care, and yet the importance of hydrating can’t be overstated. Dehydration is a major cause of poor complexion and dark circles. Dehydration is quick to show on the thin skin near the eye. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily, and optimally 3. To help with the ingestion of enough water, you can replace water drinks with fresh juices without added sugars, smoothies, etc. Dehydration can even cause bloodshot eyes.
  • Exfoliate: A build-up of dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants on the skin is a major cause of dullness. This results in a poor complexion as well as an inability of the skin to breathe well. Exfoliate gently once a week to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface.
  • Diet Fight: Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are known to accelerate skin ageing, and hence result in poor complexion. Alcohol is also very drying when applied directly on the skin, through skin products. A bad diet means a lack of proper nutrients to the skin, which can limit the skin’s natural renewal process.
  • Anti-aging skin regime: After you pass your 30th birthday, it’s time to start thinking seriously about ageing. Following a skin routine that is specifically crafted to battle skin ageing will help you look younger for longer. It will minimize signs of tiredness such as dark circles as well.
  • Important things to eat: Well, anything that is rich in anti-oxidants such as green tea and blueberries is good for you. Antioxidants get rid of the free radicals in the skin that are known to break down the skin’s structure. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin if healthy skin is what you require. Another good reason to enjoy strawberries as often as you can.
  • Sleep: Stop. Rest. The reason why you look tired all the time might be because you are. Sleeping 8 hours every night is very important, but it is also important where you put these 8 hours. If, for example, you sleep from 2am to 10am, then it can throw of your entire adrenal function. The optimal sleep time is between 10pm to 6am. If you can’t sleep for that long, you can try to fit some short naps in your daily routine.
  • Retinoid Creams: Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that help with a wide range of problems – from ageing to skin brightening. There are cheaper alternatives also available. Retinoids can hide a lot of signs of tiredness as well as reverse some of the damage done. Be careful though, as they can’t be applied by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your skin can also be thinned out if this cream is used indiscriminately for long periods of time. As a rule this cream should not be used in the day time.
  • Exercise your face: Exercising the face is a great way to boost blood circulation (and hence oxygen and nutrient supply) to the skin. It can also help strengthen the facial muscles, countering problems such as droopy eyelid.
  • Sunscreen: Sun damage is the leading cause of premature ageing, uneven skin tone, and an overall bad complexion. Sun exposure for even 5 minutes builds up over time, so apply a sun screen daily to prevent sun damage. Sunscreens also need to reapplied every two hours or so because of the short life of the sun protection ingredients.
  • Skin Brightening: If your complexion is getting darker, possibly from tanning, then you can adopt skin brightening products. Two important skin brighteners are vitamin A derivatives and vitamin C. Vitamin C can be well supplemented through your diet as well as skin care products.
  • Collagen Boosters: A classic cause of dull complexion is sagging skin and wrinkles. This is caused by a breakdown of collagen and elastin, the proteins which make up the skin’s support structure. Collagen boosting skin products can be used to deal with the deceased production of collagen and elastin with age.

Unsurprisingly, the best way to not look tired is by not being tired. But a hectic lifestyle can’t be fully avoided. With the adoption of good habits and the help of skin care products, however, your skin can still retain its glow. To know the best lifestyle practices for great skin and to understand the cause for your skin issues consult our dermatologists from the comfort of your home.

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