Which food is better to have skin glow and to have skin whiter ?

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Skin glow comes from healthy skin, which comes from healthy lifestyle choices such as healhy eating. Include yellows, orange and greens in your daily diet. Increase your protein intake e.g. eggs, chicken, fish (grilled) dairy, sprouts, dals, soya, tofu (to improve the keratin in your skin, hair and nails ) and reduce carbohydrates (preferably consume in the first half of the day).

Keep sugar to a minimum in your diet; foods with high glycemic index (e.g. white rice, white bread, potatoes, food made out of all purpose flour to name a few ) can give your skin an uneven skin tone with a dull appearance. It may even cause or aggravate acne. Drink 8 glasses of water spaced out through out the day and Include nuts in your snack or breakfast especially if you have dry skin or hair as they help provide hydration.

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