Winter Skin Care Hacks

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Seasons keep changing, and life keeps moving. The pace of life only keeps increasing, and only once in a blue moon do you get to catch a breath. In such a busy life, micromanaging everything is not possible. Especially in the winters, where your skin is particularly susceptible to problems. In this blog post we speak about winter skin hacks to maintain great skin.

These hacks are easy to add in your daily life - you don’t have to do a “fun” mental checklist every passing hour in an already hectic life. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Paraphernalia: Emollients help your skin retain the moisture by depositing a layer of oil over it, hence reducing transpiration and subsequent loss of water from the stratum corneum. This layer of oil is often light liquid paraffin, hence the bad pun. By using them on the skin immediately after a shower aids in absorption and provides a good 6-8 hours of moisturised skin. Choose a product best for your skin type and the winter!
  2. Wake up with no make-up: Most guys can skip over this hack! Wearing makeup during sleep leads to loss of complexion and clogging of pores. Make-up prevents your skin from breathing properly, causing dullness.
  3. Night time is skin time: Follow a skin care routine for the night. Following this routine daily will remove years from your face in the long run. Remember, the order of application is: Cleanser, Spot Treatment, Serum, Eye Cream, Moisturiser. The eye cream especially is important after 20 years of age, or so dermatologists claim. Do understand how long your product takes to get absorbed into the skin. Applying the next one earlier than that can hamper the action of both products.
  4. Sunscreen always on: 5 minute exposures to the sun build up over time. Even in the winter season, when the sun rarely shows its face. You should apply a sunscreen of SPF (at least) 30 every two or three hours. That’s how long the sun protection elements in the sunscreen last. In fact, it is by far one of the best ways to slow down skin ageing.
  5. A few minutes, only once a week? Sign me up!: Exfoliating once weekly removes dead cell build-up in the skin. It gives you glowing skin and helps it breathe, making skin care products more effective. While exfoliating, it is important to be gentle while rubbing on the skin. Your skin should be treated gently like the finest of silks. Avoid this if you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.
  6. Touch only what you trust: Keep your surroundings clean. Make sure that the things you regularly touch are clean and bacteria free, like your phone. Moreover, keep your pillow covers clean. Overnight the skin can pick up dead cells, hair residue, bacteria, dirt and much more from a filthy headrest.
  7. Wear sunglasses, cover your face: The eyelids are a very thin part of the skin (over 10 times thinner than normal parts). Most sun screens aren’t fit for use here. So, wear sunglasses when outside to protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s UV rays.
  8. Sleep: Now this is more of a necessity than a hack, but sleeping long enough is a foreign concept to many. Long enough for what? Well, your body (which includes your skin) undergoes repair during sleep. So a lack of sleep will result in more prominent ageing features like fine lines. Not to mention dark circles under the skin.
  9. Be pro-anti-oxidants: A confusing heading, we admit. Including antioxidant rich edibles such as darker greens, blueberries, fruits , green tea in your diet helps your skin immensely. Antioxidants help fight the free radicals that break down skin’s cellular structure. This breakdown over time accelerates skin ageing, causing more fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin.
  10. Sweat a workout: Exercising has too many benefits to count, and it helps your skin too. Better blood flow and oxidation makes the skin healthy by nourishing the skin cells. Blood also carries away the free radicals from the skin cells. Be careful of long exposures to the sun during exercise, and of rashes and chaffing due to friction.Exercising also lets your sweat glands function properly, something which slows down in the winter.
  11. Sit back, and relax: Relaxation and exercise reduce stress. Some skin conditions like eczema get worse during the winter season. Reduction in stress helps these skin conditions, as they are known to get worse with more stress. Again, be wary of long exposures if you decide to sunbathe as you relax.

These are some hacks which will give you results both immediately and in the long run. Of course, skin care isn’t magic. But we do know a spell or two. If any of these hacks cause unexpected reactions such as reddening of skin or irritation, cease application immediately and see a doctor!

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