Here’s Your Diet For This Monsoon Season

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We all love the rains, its romantic and novel all at once - what we don’t see is the germs having a great time as well. This is the time of the year that you can only breathe through one nostril, sneeze 5 times in a row, and even have your skin throw a tantrum.

We’re not trying to scare you or anything - the monsoon can be beautiful, but it’s good you know what can get you sick, so you can prevent them. Of course, you could figure that out yourself, but we’d like to help!

The rainy season is not friendly with the immune system of our bodies, that’s why we have to be careful. The reason people get sick during the monsoon is because the bad guys attack our vulnerable immune system.

Nutrition has a great effect on your skin - both negative and positive. Truth is the nutrients and vitamins that you get from your diet is what boosts you skin ability to stay healthy. So to keep as much sickness as we can away, try these tips out - here’s the monsoon diet!

Vegetables & monsoons:
Nutritionists say that even though it is great to have greens throughout the year, during the monsoon it isn’t advisable. The concept behind this is that these leafy goodness are plucked from their roots where you end up getting a little bit of the bud with your dinner. If not washed though, allergies and unhappy stomachs are on the horizon! A few you can eat are the ones that don’t have a stem or a root - tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkins.
How do you prepare them you ask? First things first, wash them - thoroughly! You can opt to soak them in salt water for about 10 minutes and then wash with water.

Fruits & monsoons:
So we’re pretty sure you get it now - yes, wash these well too! What we can tell you are a few that you should munch on while tucked warmly away from the cold rain. Mangoes, apples, cherries and bananas! They help in keeping your energy up with natural sugars, and its nutrients helps with your immunity - fight off the ugly germs, its their motto!

Meats & monsoons:
Fish are yummy, we get it! Try keeping it at a minimum though during the monsoon season - it can contain germs. Of course, if you do happen to want to have a fish feast, make sure you clean it well.

The streets & monsoons:
Fried food, we all know, is not good for health anyway - no one is asking you to stop, don’t freak out. It’s human cravings that have us enjoying street foods during our walks and taking them home for a movie nights - rainy days are great for them too! But, your digestive system is already weak during fluctuating temperatures and erratic change in weather. Heavy yummy food slathered in ghee, and oil is way too heavy at times and then the bathroom is your best friend for a day or two. Instead of frying, try out some dishes steamed or even boiled! Avoid foods that are not hot or the ones that involve raw vegetables, chutneys and water. You don't know the source of the produce or even if it's cleaned properly.

Salt & monsoons:
This is not like a new discovery or anything, it is a well known fact that salt causes your body to retain water. Also, it increases your blood pressure. Now put those two and two together and imagine how your adjusting immune system would take it? It wouldn’t be too happy, would it? Cut down on the salt, just a little bit!

Water & monsoons:
Bad water sometimes just gets us in the worst of times - sometimes it can’t be avoided when you’re not home. When you can avoid it though, do so! Drink purified water or boiled water, don’t drink tap water directly.

Now, if you do get sick, do go see a doctor asap - maybe these tips can help you healthy the rest of the monsoon season. Diet is a huge part of keeping yourself healthy, if your insides are happy, your outsides are happy. Your immune system fights long and hard to keep these germs away, sometimes though you need to give it a little push so it can maintain it’s superman protection abilities.

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