Why Procedures For Acne Scars?

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Acne is a medical condition that affects the skin of people of all ages - the severity of its effects depends from person to person. With Remedico revolutionising the way medical consultations work - bringing in convenience and effectivity - your treatment plan includes a lot more than prescriptions.

Many of our new customers might still be wondering how the Remedico process works. So let’s start with a quick recap of how our process works. Remember our whole process is online and you can seek out our doctors from wherever you might be.


Now, to get on with the best part - your treatment plan - in particular, the further treatment options section - or procedures - of it. Like we said, this treatment plan includes more than just prescriptions…

Your treatment plan is prepared by your assigned dermatologist, and although prescriptions are given to start your treatment journey - you may notice that you doctor has added further treatment options which includes procedures and your next follow-up date.


Procedures include peels, lasers, microneedling, platelet rich plasma therapy among a lot more. Don’t worry all of this will be explained in your treatment plan and in the next blog post - stay tuned! You can consider getting one of the following or a combination of procedures mentioned to improve the appearance of acne scars, increase hair growth and improve complexion.

These procedures are advised AFTER completing the required treatment with prescriptions from your dermatologist - for example, when ‘no active acne’ is present. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the severity of your condition and the duration of your experience.

Protip: A dermatologist will examine you and choose the best option/s for your unique case. Always listen to their advice before you decide on any procedures.

While the treatment plan includes a diagnosis of your condition, advice, and prescription of medications and other products as required - the further treatment option applies to your journey after treatment. Treatment doesn’t stop with your last follow-up…

In your first treatment plan from our dermatologists, you will notice that they usually ask you to consult again for a follow-up. A follow-up is a check in with your doctor to track your progress and make sure you’re on your way to great skin and/or hair. Our doctors will assess your skin and/or hair and re-evaluate a follow-up plan to continue treating your condition. This may include a change in medicines and creams as well as lifestyle advice.

It is important to understand that allopathic (western) medications can only do so much to alleviate conditions such as acne and hair fall but maintenance and lifestyle change is critical. For dermatological conditions such as acne or hair fall - in moderate to severe conditions - require further treatment, past oral and topical (medications put on the skin/scalp) prescriptions.

What’s your goal?
Considering acne presents itself in various grades or severities, it can at times leave post-acne scarring or dents in your skin. Not all patients experience scars, so their goal is to ‘stop breaking out’ - now, if healing scars is your goal, this is where the procedures play a huge part.

The goals of our dermatologists are to heal existing breakouts and stop new ones from forming by treating/improving the cause of your acne. Oral and topical prescriptions are prescribed to make these goals a reality, while scars, dents or even pigmentation left behind by acne for some, require procedures.

All of the proceudres are optional though, so it honestly depends on what you'd like to get out of your treatment. Our doctors will suggest the best path to recovery at all times, so we have your back.

So, why take the prescriptions?
What’s the point of prescriptions when you can go straight to procedures, you ask? Procedures such as the ones mentioned above are to be done only when the existing acne has healed, this is where your prescriptions play their role. Since the medications that are prescribed to you are based on your unique case, it will help heal existing acne and prevent new breakouts giving way to the possibility of procedures at the end of treatment.

The duration of treatment depends on your own case, and the cause behind your acne. It is NOT the same for everyone, the dose, the type of medication, how long should each patient take it - all important factors and all of them vary from patient to patient.

Protip: We encourage you to follow your treatment plan consistently to see improvement in your skin. Let you doctor know if you have any issues - either way they've got your back when you follow-up!

Remedico believes in supporting our patients through their process of recovery. Each patient is different and has their own unique challenges. Our doctors at Remedico tackle each patient's case individually and recovery paths differ from person to person. What stays the same is how we stay by your side until you've healed completely.

Pro Tip: Remember follow-ups cost just ₹150, or you can buy a pack of 3 for just ₹300! Follow-ups are only available to those customers who have already started their treatment with an initial consultation with Remedico. To start your follow-up, log in to the Remedico website and log in using your personal credentials - you can click the follow-up tab there. Your follow-up includes an online questionnaire and recent photographs of your condition.

It’s all about maintaining clear skin after your follow-ups! You will notice clear and healthier skin once all your follow-ups have been completed but you may be worried whether you will need to have medications all your life. Rest assured, this is not the case. At the end of your follow-ups, Remedico's dermatologists will design a personalised skin/hair-care routine to make sure your condition does not reappear. They also advise on further treatment options or procedures for this exact reason - it’s called commitment for a reason!