How To Prevent Monsoon Acne

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When it comes to issues of the skin, especially on the face, there isn’t a particular season that it decides to raise havoc. Certain weather conditions though, can be triggers for acne that is already there.

For example, the summer is known to be one of the worst times for acne because of the increased amounts of sweating, and irritation caused by the use of a lot of products. The weather brings bad habits such as picking at acne, using makeup products based in oil and even stress - all of which can worsen acne.

Hygiene maintenance should be done religiously when it comes to protecting your skin, in fact anything to do with the body’s health. When there is humidity present, it gives easy access to many skin conditions - that is why a skin care routine is important. The reason acne is one of the most common skin conditions during the monsoon season is because the sticky weather calls for clogged pores. These unhappy pores react and that’s what leads to breakouts!

The amount of sweat is not only uncomfortable but can make acne so much worse especially if the skin is already acne prone. Of course we wipe the sweat off our faces - when we constantly touch acne, more marks are created on the skin.

You can follow easy tips to make your skin happy, and keep it resistant to acne, so you can have a constant glow. In order to help your skin out during the monsoon season, try and take a few cautious steps and boost your skin care routine. A few things to keep in mind are using products that have qualities that decrease your vulnerability to acne - in other words, anti-acne qualities. Using a gel based face wash or even a toner after cleansing the face are two more tips. Use salicylic based face washes as they are amazing when it comes to treating acne-prone skin. You can use these products for acne on the body as well.

No matter the products you use or how great your skin care routine is, diet also plays a crucial role when it comes to acne. During the monsoon season, we’re sure the rainy days calls for sleep, movies and a lot of junk food. If you want glowing skin, maybe try to reduce on the junk food this season.

Hydration is another key aspect - yes, we know you hear this all the time and at this point it sounds cliche. As much as you’d like to ignore it, water is the best way to go for most things. Three litres of water a day for healthy skin is what is recommended. If you’d like to add taste to mundate water, add some lemon and gulp it down in the morning. Although, we are pretty sure you have heard it before - you can add fresh fruits, salads, whole grains and curd into your diet to increase immunity and fight off infections and sickness.

If we had to summarize a few tips for you this monsoon season, here they are:
(1) Use anti-acne face products
(2) Try to not touch your face too often
(3) Shrink pores
(4) Keep away from junk food

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