How To Upload Doctor Friendly Images

. 3 min read

Remedico is an online dermatology service that allows individuals all across India to receive treatment for dermatological conditions - from acne to hair fall and a bit more in-between. Since, this is an online process, doctors are able to diagnose their patients through a form detailing medical history and through pictures of affected areas based on their condition.

The images are critical when it comes to diagnosis - this is the base point through which our doctors are able to determine treatment as they are able to see the condition's severity. For this reason, images should be accurate so as to not hinder the process.

In this blog post we explain exactly how to upload the right images. For your convenience, here is a quick review of how our process works.


The basic rules that apply to pictures being uploaded for all conditions are as follows:

(1) Natural good lighting
(2) Clear and focused images
(3) Full face should be shown - 15cm away from the back camera
(4) There should be no filters or markings on the image
(5) No glasses should be worn
(6) No products or make-up should be worn

We will present a few examples below to help guide you while you upload pictures for your consultations and follow-ups. We will also mention a few specifics to keep in mind for certain images/certain consultations below.

The above are examples of images that should be uploaded when displaying the whole face. These images can be used for acne and general skin care consultations.

When it comes to pigmentation consults, images of the affected area are required. As you can see above, the images can be used for a dark circles pigmentation and to show pigementation around your lips. The key to this - besides following the basic rules - is to make sure the pigmentation is clearly seen so an acceptable close-up is required. These images can be used for pigmentation and tanning consultations and dark circles consultation.

When uploading images of body parts - whether it be your back, shoulders, chest, arms or legs - make sure the condition is clearly visible. These images can be used for tanning and pigmentation, rash, eczema & psoriasis, stretch marks and skin growths consultations.

When completing a hair fall/hair thinning or dandruff consultations, you will be asked to upload images of your hair - from above and hair - affected areas. The images above are examples of what doctors require to comeplete their diagnosis.

Following the above rules will ensure your case goes forward efficiently and your treatment plan reaches you on time.