Is it possible that I can get clear skin if I have acne scars on my face?

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If by scars you mean brown marks on the face, yes it is possible to have clear skin with the help of skin lightening agents on the form of creams, chemical peels and lasers (this should be strictly prescribed and performed by a registered dermatologist). However if by scars you mean pits or depressions in the skin left behind after the acne has healed, completely clearing will not be achievable.

The texture of the skin can be improved and made to appear smooth by procedural treatments like dermaroller, radio frequency microneedling, subcision, fractionated sublative radiofrequency, CO2 laser and erbium yag laser, just to name a few, performed strictly by a registered dermatologist. It must be noted that newer scars respond better than older ones. To understand what type of scars you have and what treatment will be beneficial to your scar type visit our website.

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