Is it possible to grow hair on a naturally wide forehead with natural ingredients? I got this heredity of wide forehead from my maternal side.

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A wide forehead sizes is a virtue of genetics. Hair growth starts from the scalp line irrespective of the size of the forehead. Hair cannot be grown on the skin of the forehead. If the hairline on the scalp is receding you can use lotions and procedures like mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma injections for hair growth.

There are different types of hair fall and thinning, and understanding which type you might be experiencing is the most important step towards getting it treated. Androgenetic alopecia (or pattern baldness) has a large genetic component, while telogen effluvium is usually a response to an external factor (like stress or illness).

There are many others – but most importantly, you can do something about it! No matter what your friends or family might tell you, it’s not inevitable that your hair will fall out. All types of hair fall can all be controlled, reduced, and in some cases even reversed with the right diagnosis and treatment.
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