Is kevon lotion effective for dandruff?

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Kevon lotion has ketoconazole which is an anti fungal agent. It can control dandruff provided it is of the mild to moderate variety. Make sure you use it twice a week for good results.

Dandruff is dry flaking of skin of the scalp. This usually occurs if the normal fungal flora of the scalp increases. Some conditions of the scalp like psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis etc can mimic dandruff and need to be differentiated.

It is not possible to permanently get rid of dandruff due to its variety of causes but it can be kept under control. Finding the cause will help in appropriate choice of shampoos or lotions. Get a personal treatment plan from a certified dermatologist, all from your phone, without making an appointment or visiting a clinic. We are a young startup looking to make dermatology advice and treatment easy and accessible in India.

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