Makeup Essentials & Tips for Humid Weather

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Monsoons are great and all, but the humidity that comes with it not only wrecks havoc on our skin but puts our intense efforts of makeup to waste. Sweating is the major annoyance, completely dissolving your makeup - no matter the product used.

Even dry skin manages to feel oily and all cosmetic products seem to have negative effects on your skin. Hot and icky humid weather is not suitable for makeup and if worn without precaution can even lead to skin reactions that are not pleasant. Of course, not wearing makeup is the best option but sometimes a night out or a business meeting calls for a full face. This battle with cosmetic products is not something any lady wants to lose, so here are a few tips to keep in mind while braving the humid weather with makeup.

The base of all the products you use is your face, so keeping it clean is crucial - it also helps in longer lasting makeup. Wash your face with lukewarm water to get rid of excess oil from your skin and pat (DO NOT rub) your face dry. Use a mild, light and calming moisturizer as your first layer to your masterpiece - if there is any excess you can blot it away. It is also very important to know to use a clean towel on your face. Change your towels frequently to stop the spread of bacteria that can create unnecessary problems for your skin. Never share your towel either - this is a motto for clean skin.

A primer helps in prepping your skin for the intense products that you are about to put on it - whether it is light makeup or heavy makeup, your skin can react negatively to either of them. Using this as your first step on your face will help in smoothing out the texture of your skin creating a even surface for foundation. The main reason for a primer is that is has the ability to keep makeup lasting longer. If you do not have a primer, an oil free moisturiser will also do the trick.

Now for the main part of this well thought out makeup routine, your foundation! The main advice is keep your foundation light. The humidity causes you to sweat your makeup right off your face and heavy foundation melting makes you look pasty. Not to mention, you would be clogging your pores with makeup, oil and dirt mixed it will all the sweat - not a great skin loving combination, now is it? After you apply a primer and moisturizer, you can apply a light layer of your favorite foundation. Do not rub the foundation into your skin, rather dab it gently using the tiniest possible amount for cover-up. If you want light coverage you can also try BB creams - which helps in coverage along with added benefits such as SPF and antioxidants.

For some, a light foundation isn’t enough and sometimes the occasions calls for more elegant finish. During the rainy season, a translucent fixing powder can be used to set your makeup in place. While most use compact powder they don’t realize that the tint present in it can run down your face while you’re sweating. This powder is used to blur out fine lines and pores on your face giving you an extra perfect finish. Translucent powders are colorless and help in keeping oily, shiny skin at bay - the texture that is silky absorbs the oil giving you ladies a matte finish.

It goes without saying that your makeup needs to be waterproof during the rainy and humid season. Using waterproof mascara, eyeliners or kohl is one of the best things to do in humid weather. Although, they are harder to take off at the end of the day, they hold during the day which is the point anyway. This saves you from the embarrassing racoon eyes when you get rained on. Use waterproof makeup that is light, stay away from makeup that is cream based. The humidity will ruin it all! Make sure you use a water based makeup remover to get rid of all of it at the end of the day.

Using a setting spray is a fancy way of saying keep your skin hydrated and it also helps makeup set. This is usually used as a finished touch after all your makeup artistry has been completed. Keep the setting spray at arm’s length and spray evenly over skin and let it dry - you have now completed your look.

You know what is a great thing to keep in that little purse of yours? Blotting papers! These are great to keep on hot days as they absorb oil decently. To get rid of that shine from when you feel that sweat building up, you can pat your face with a blotting paper to keep your look fresh. Not to mention, you can use these even when you don’t have makeup on - so that’s a bonus!

Those tips were pretty direct but there are basic general rules amount makeup that you should follow throughout your skin care routine. There are common mistakes that women make when it comes to makeup - so let’s clear that out really quick with some skin care tips. Your skin at the end of the day is what matters, always start with good skin care!

Hydration is always key: we know you’ve heard this a thousand times by now and probably still don’t take it seriously. If your body isn’t hydrated enough, your skin shows it in the worst ways from dry skin to breakouts. Water help flush out the toxins not only from your body but your skin as well. Wouldn’t it be great if you had not wearing makeup as an option?**

Always protect your skin, you are kind of stuck with it for the rest of your life. The sun’s harsh rays is bad for your skin so never leave the house without slathering on sunscreen.

Always pick products that suit your skin type - read the ingredients on the labels before you purchase them. Keep away from alcohol based products especially if you have oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. Always try to purchase products that are labelled “non-comedogenic”or acne prone skin and “hypoallergenic” for sensitive skin.

Don’t mix and match your products just to suit the weather, if you have something that you use every year during this time then go ahead with it. Trying different products is not a good idea - your skin might not like it. Never ever leave your makeup on overnight, no matter how tired you are.

Don't forget your lips. Make sure you use a good lip balm throughout the day on a regular basis and all through the night so that they are not dehydrated. This will make your lipstick stay on without cracking during the day but don’t forget to always remove your lipstick before bed.

Armored with these tips, you can now go forth and make your face up with utmost confidence. Remember loving your skin is the key to having great skin - makeup is just an accessory.

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