Meet our Dermatologists: Dr. Abhishek Omchery

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At Remedico, all the dermatologists on our panel are selected based on their medical knowledge, experience with treating a range of skin and hair conditions, and above all their strong desire to make an impact on their patients’ lives.

In this blog post, we introduce you to one of our doctors, Dr. Abhishek Omchery, formerly an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology at Bharti Hospital in Pune. Dr Omchery completed his MD in Pune, passing with first division. He is also a published researcher, having written several articles for prominent journals.

Q: What got you interested in pursuing dermatology?
A: I pursued dermatology to understand the “largest organ of the human body”, which not only interacts with the external environment (keeping what lies beneath protected), but also has a profound effect on the human psyche due to an interplay in neurological and psychological factors. This fascinated me, and made me decide to choose this field.

Q: What is your favourite area of dermatology?
A: The most interesting areas for me are blistering diseases, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, and hair disorders. Treating people chronically suffering from these diseases provides me the maximum satisfaction, considering how relieved they feel after treatment.

Q: What has been the most interesting or unexpected aspect of practising dermatology?
A: Something I’ve noticed while treating patients in the wards is that diseases tend to bring the patients and their family closer. It’s interesting how we’ve seen the dynamics of a family change, almost always for the better, and how everyone comes together to nurse their family member in such a time of adversity.

Q: What is the most important piece of advice you’d give to anyone out there to keep their skin and hair healthy?
A: I always advise 3 things:-

i) Observe your skin but don’t become obsessed. Look for abnormal signs but don’t keep counting the precise number of acne / dark spots / fallen hair strands etc, unless your dermatologist advises you to specifically keep an eye on something. Yes, be alert, but being obsessed will just increase your stress levels, which may even worsen your skin or hair condition.

ii) Follow a simple skin care regime. Cleanse, even if just with water, and keep it well moisturised. Do not waste your time and money applying ten different types of cosmetics throughout the day. It will do you more harm than good. Stick to products that are recommended by your dermatologist, and don’t experiment or self-medicate with non-prescribed products.

iii) Your skin and your cousin’s / best friend’s / neighbour’s/ aunt’s skin are very different. Creams which suit them or which help in treating their acne are likely not going to suit you. These are medicines after all, and using a product prescribed for someone else will cause more harm than good.

Q: How is Indian skin and hair unique?
A: Other than biological differences, the beauty of Indian skin and hair is that we get to see a wide range of lovely colours and textures. Another interesting thing is how our ancestors have handed down simple DIY natural home remedies which can help with your skin care routine. This is quite unique to our Indian culture. An example, on a lighter note, is the haldi ceremony held before weddings!

Q: What do you enjoy about being on Remedico?
A: The first thing is, it has been designed keeping the patient’s hectic schedule and convenience in mind. Second, having a panel of only competent, registered dermatologists ensures both peace of mind and safety. Third, it provides patient with easy access to doctors, at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

As a practitioner, I enjoy being able to reach out to many more patients, and provide them with reliable advice that they might not normally have the time or ability to access, at a very nominal cost. This is what makes Remedico unique for me.

We want to revolutionize the whole experience of consulting a dermatologist. The traditional process can often be time consuming and costly. We have been working with several of India’s top dermatologists, such as Dr Omchery to come up with our unique and effective system.

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