Meet our Gynaecologists: Dr. Pallavi Gupta

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In this post, we introduce you to another member of our panel, Dr. Pallavi Gupta. An experienced gynaecologist, Dr Gupta completed her postgraduate studies from Pune, passing out as a gold medalist in her specialisation. An experienced clinician, she has also formerly worked with various renowned hospitals in New Delhi, including Fortis Healthcare and Max Healthcare.

She has super specialised in treating patients with infertility and other hormonal imbalances, in which she again passed with a gold medal. She believes it is imperative to inform and educate patients about the long term effects of such conditions, and is committed to help her patients overcome them.

Q: What got you interested in pursuing gynaecology?
A: Growing up, I had always been fascinated by the magical process of one life giving birth to another. As I grew older, I also realized how in our society, females are neglected, and their medical and emotional needs are given a back seat. I had an intense urge to do something for them. I wanted to provide them with medical help, which I was able to through my training and education. But I also wanted to provide the support they need to feel empowered to be healthy and successful women.

Q: How are skin, hair and hormonal issues related?
A: Any hormonal imbalance in our body affects a number of systems. These hormonal imbalances can cause a variety of problems ranging from cosmetic issues to metabolic impairment, to various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and more.
These imbalances cause an increase in the amount of male hormones in our body (yes, there are male hormones in a female body! Though they are only in minor amounts), the intensity of which determines the spectrum of the problem. Acne and hairfall are some of the most common and early symptoms of these issues.

Q: What should girls and women watch out for, that might indicate an underlying internal problem?
A: Girls and women should be on the lookout for any unexplained weight gain, too many acne, sudden onset excessive / new facial hair growth, hair loss (especially on the frontal area), and lethargy. These are important signs which may indicate a hormonal imbalance.
If you are experiencing any of these, it’s very important to get yourself checked out as soon as possible.

Q: What was the most rewarding case you’ve worked on? What happened to the patient you treated?
A: I had one patient, a 22 year old girl who had complaints of numerous acne, coarse hair growth around her upper lip and chin, hair loss, irregular periods, and sudden weight gain. After investigating the case, as I suspected she was found to have polycystic ovaries, and hormonal imbalances.
I told her that it would require some dedication on her part to resolve her condiiton. Along with some oral medication, I prescribed her some significant lifestyle modification, especially regarding her exercise and diet regimen.
She showed tremendous improvement in the next 3 months, and lost approximately 8-9 kg. Over a period of 12 months, all the cosmetic problems that the patient was experiencing – including the acne, facial hair, and hair fall – were cured. Her cycles became regular, and she was slowly tapered off the medication. I only asked her to continue her healthy diet and exercise which she did meticulously. After that, her life was completely transformed.

Q: What do you enjoy most about being on Remedico?
A: Remedico helps me assist a number of patients with flexibility – I can advise patients all over India, many of whom may not have the time or access to the right specialists in their area. Their process is also super simple, allowing the patients to save time, and allowing me to give my full focus to providing the right treatment.

The introduction of a gynaecologist and nutritionist to our experts panel now allows our patients with internal reasons for their dermatological issues to have the freedom to consult a nutritionist or gynaecologist right from their phone. A lot of expertise and effort have also been applied in in preparing detailed questionnaires about these two fields along with the dermatological conditions. We want to be an ideal platform making use of technological advancement in medical care and hope to help solve your medical issues.

At Remedico, all the doctors on our panel are selected based on their medical knowledge, experience with treating a range of skin and hair conditions, and above all their strong desire to make an impact on their patients’ lives.

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