Meet The Dermatologists: Introducing Dr Karuna Soni

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At Remedico, all the specialists on our panel are selected based on their domain knowledge, relevant years of experience and above all their desire to make an impact on their patients’ lives. In this blog post, we introduce you to one of our dermatologists, Dr. Karuna Soni.

She is a clinical dermatologist based out of Pune, India. She completed her postgraduate studies in dermatology and also holds a fellowship in laser treatments. Aside from being an accomplished clinician, she is a published author, and has presented at national and state level conferences.

1. What got you interested in pursuing dermatology?
I was inclined towards dermatology as part of my interest pertaining to treating skin conditions. As part of my graduation, I was quite fascinated by skin conditions like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, etc and thought of various ways to treat them.

The skin reflects the internal body metabolism of any person - If a person is healthy from the inside, it gets reflected on his/her skin. All this peaked my curiosity and interest towards skin study.

2. What is your favourite area of dermatology?
I have two areas that I am quite interested in - trichology and autoimmune skin diseases.

Trichology focuses on diagnosing all hair ailments such as hair fall, breakage, thinning, and diseases. It basically encomapssess the science behind the health of hair and scalp.

An autoimmune disease is a condition where your own immune system attacks your body, causing skin disorders such as psoriasis.

3. What has been the most interesting patient or case you have treated?
There was a patient who had got multiple ulcers on her legs (Vasculitis disease). She had gone to multiple doctors in search for treatment and was was prescribed steroids. However, that did not help and her condition deteriorated further with multiple side effects including weight gain and depression. This further affected her family life. I consulted with her on one visit and was able to observe her condition for 1 week With this, I found out that she has suffered for a recurring sore throat all though her childhood years. Tests indicated positive results e indicating Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria. I treated her with 3 doses of Penicillin injections and her condition started improving. Eventually, she recovered completely.

4. What are the most important piece of advice you'd give to anyone out there to keep their skin and hair healthy?
Young people should eat a healthy diet and make sure they apply sunscreen on their skin regularly. Also, one should wash their hair with normal/drinking water and use neutral PH shampoo to keep their hair healthy.

5. How is Indian skin and hair unique?
Indian skin is healthier compared to most but has different sets of pigment structure. However, it can be easily tanned and therefore needs more protection.

6. What do you most enjoy about working with Remedico?
It gives convenient access, ease of communication and variety of diseases. It is convenient - access is simple, communication is easy and treatment for variety of skin and hair concerns are offered by qualified specialists.

You can now consult with Dr. Karuna Soni and other experienced dermatologists through Remedico from the comfort of your own home, college or workplace - no appointments necessary. Fill up a questionnaire online, upload pictures of your condition and our dermatologist will send you a treatment plan along with options of other treatments require to help your skin condition and general lifestyle advice. In 24 hours, you will have solution right in your email!