Night Time Skin Care Tips

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Most people believe that a skin care routine doesn’t have anything to do with the time of day. Truth is your skin needs care all day but the time of the day does matter when it comes to the products used.

The reason we say this is simple, you usually go out in the mornings and afternoons putting your skin through a lot with the rays of the sun. In the night, your skin needs care but less amount of products as you get a goodnight’s sleep. A morning routine to most is simple and almost tactical - face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen but what about your night time skin care routine?

We’re here to help with just that - break it down for you as simply as we can. It’s easy to buy the products but the hard part is implementing it into your routine and sticking to it. A great skin care routine at night helps your skin rejuvenate as you sleep so your morning skin is glowing making it easier on you on sleepy days.

Here are a few tips you can use when you plan your night time skin loving routine:

Remove it all:
If you apply makeup or any other products to your face in the morning, your first goal before bed is to wash it all off. Sleeping in cosmetics of any sort can clog your pores with dirt and grime that has been accumulated on your skin throughout your tiring day. The clogging of pores can also boost free radicals which can make your skin look like its ageing too quick. In order for you to enjoy glowing and clean skin in the morning, use the right cleansers to do their job. There are cleansers available that can remove your makeup and clean your face - you can opt for this to save time. If not, you can use gentle hypoallergenic makeup remover wipes and a cleansing face wash right after.

The top layer of your skin has a lot of dead skin cells that accumulate, taking that layer off will expose the natural glow of your skin. Don’t use an exfoliator everyday as that would be too harsh on your skin. If your have oily skin, then you can use it once or twice a week. Using too much of an exfoliator will strip the natural oils from your skin, resulting in your oil glands to produce more oil making your face oilier. The basic job for an exfoliator is simple: it removes dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants on the top layer of your skin. Good exfoliators contain salicylic or alpha/beta hydroxy acids which additionally help to unclog pores and slow bacteria growth for some time. Pay attention to the pores on your cheeks and on the nose as you exfoliate!

This step is essential and although simple to do, it is usually skipped. Washing your face also rids the essential oils present along with the dirt and makeup. In order to re-nourish your skin and replenish it, a moisturizer must be used. Try to choose a water based moisturizer if you have oily skin!

Don’t forget your eyes:
Oil glands are not present around the sensitive areas of your eyes, and so they require a little more care and attention. In order to prevent eye puffiness and dark circles, an eye cream can be used to protect the vulnerable skin around your eyes. While you are applying the eye cream, do not stretch or tug at the skin near your eyes - instead tap and massage lightly.

Your lips count too:
Most people don’t notice dry cracked lips as it’s easy to just lick it and forget about it. To soothe the skin on your lips, wash them with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry them - this is done to remove any dead skin cells. Use a moisturizing and hydrating lip balm to lightly coat your lips keeping them nourished as you sleep.

These may seem like simple tips but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have a skin care routine before bed. Don’t neglect the basic steps of exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin from the sun with sunscreen. Remember to always use products only based on your skin type - sometimes the products make your skin worse if they are not suited for your skin type. With these tips in mind, we hope you have the basics to plan a great night time skin care routine.

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