Pigmentation and Tanning

When you look at professional pictures, we all wish that our skins had perfect clear tone as well - but the truth is life doesn’t work that way. It is completely natural to have uneven skin tone, whatever the reason may be - but when it becomes excessive, it is a skin condition that should be identified. Doc’s can surely help with that!

Pigmentation does not just show up on your face, it can show up anywhere and in different forms - from freckles to post-inflammatory pigmentation. Did we lose you? Don’t worry our blog posts go into detail explaining all the different types and the reasons behind that - not to mention how you can prevent them.

A big misconception is that pigmentation just means dark spots and that’s not true, it is also mean spots that are lighter than your skin. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin because of high levels on melanin which is the chemical that gives your skin its color. Whereas, hypopigmentation is inadequate pigmentation of the skin.

Like most conditions, understanding why it shows up is the most important step before treatment. It is a well known fact that your skin is yours, and very uniquely made and taken care of. In that same manner, when it is medically treated, it has to be directed specifically to loving your skin only. This can only be accomplished if a full consultation is done by a trained professional.

Skin conditions should not be taken lightly, there can be many underlying causes behind what seems to harmless on the surface. No one here is trying to scare you of course, but sunspots are not that dangerous, but the cancer it can lead to, can be. The best thing about skin conditions is that there are usually visible, inclining most people to go get them checked out.