The Science Behind Cell Hydration: Dry Skin

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Dry skin has often been a problem for many of us in our daily lives. A dull complexion that does not go away even after using a highlighter and bright blush may likely have one reason behind it: dehydration. In this blog post we look at the science behind cell hydration.

The secret to vibrant health and youthful skin lies in maintaining strong cells that can retain water. In other words, understanding the science of cell hydration is the key. It is very crucial to understand its importance and stay hydrated from the inside out to wake up with a healthy and glowing skin every day.

When doctors say, “Drink plenty of water or you will be dehydrated”, remember they are not talking about your daily water intake as such. What they are actually referring is the water around and inside your cells. Drinking plenty of water is a necessary condition to hydrate yourself, but may not be sufficient. It doesn’t really matter how much water you drink daily, if your body cells do not absorb right amount of it.

Research in the field of cell hydration has shown that it helps the healing mechanism of your body, protein synthesis, and growth hormone release. Cell hydration also results in a reduction of cell acidity, reduced autoimmune response, increased fat burning and DNA repair.

But, what is cell hydration?

Water is the basis of all life including the human body. But, as we grow older, our cells tend to lose water. When you are a baby, approximately 75% of your body is water. By the time you reach middle age, your body’s water content can be as low as 50%. But, don’t freak out! The good news is that there is a way to strengthen our cells – even as we age – by incorporating the science of cell hydration into our daily lives.

Cell hydration essentially means the ability of a cell to absorb water and cell membranes to hold the water within the cell boundary. In order for toxins to leave the cells and nutrients to enter the cells, the cells must be in intimate contact with water. Right proportion of cell hydration makes your body strong and beautiful from inside as well as from outside because your skin can only be beautiful if it is healthy at the cell level. Water-rich nutrition, dietary supplements and topical skin care products that we use on a daily basis can go a long way towards optimizing cell health.

The science behind cell hydration

As already mentioned, cell hydration means water absorption into the cells. To absorb the water you drink, you need a balanced mineral contents in your body. These minerals which include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride all talk to each other and if one is present in higher concentrations than another or alternatively if one of those minerals is lacking, it can be difficult for water to enter the cell. So, mineral balance is a key factor to cell hydration. You can improve your mineral intake significantly by carefully choosing your diet and taking care of your liver.

One of the best ways to improve your mineral intake is to include more natural food into your diet plan. Ever wonder how the cavemen could stay healthy even without any slightest knowledge about the cell hydration or balanced diet. They used to eat a very rich diet of seeds, nuts, plants and fruit – all natural. To quench their thirst, they only drank water most of the time because that is all there was, but the water they drank was rich in minerals and negative ions from the sunlight.

So based on what researchers are saying, the only salt you should be using on your food is Himalayan salt because it is full of ionic minerals and it is not sodium dominant. This along with an ionic trace mineral liquid that you can add to clean, non-chlorinated water will give you a good ionic mineral balance which will enhance water absorption in your body.

Apart from mineral contents, the surface tension of the liquids you drink is also very important factor. For cell hydration, you need low surface tension bodily fluids. If you drink a lot of water that has a very high surface tension, like tap water, you are not going to get the hydration needed. Most people think if you just drink a lot of any fluids, you cells will stay dehydrated. Well, the truth is, the water around your cells will be there but it does not necessarily go inside the cell. Living examples of impact of low surface tension water on life are Hunza Valley people who have got a disease free life span of 120-140 years courtesy of Hunza Valley water, according to leading scientists.

Here’s how you can enhance cell hydration

Natural Diet:
An increase in consumption of seeds, nuts and vegetables will increase your dietary potassium, which should ideally be up to 15 times higher than the sodium you consume. Adding chia seeds to your diet can be good option. They absorb about 12 times their weight in water. Aside from the fiber they contain, they are full of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating a balanced, water-rich diet is an easy way to create a nutrient rich environment within the body so that the building blocks we need to create strong cells are readily available.

Dietary Supplements:
Take a glutamine supplement. Among other essential things it does in the body, it helps regulate water uptake. It is an amino acid that controls the volume of water in cells and helps regulate osmotic pressure in and around cell gates. Glutamine is the bridge, getting water from the blood stream into the cells and bringing the waste out of the cells into the blood stream.

Soothe Your Cells:
Topical skin care products with powerful hydrating ingredients can also support and enhance the skin’s barrier function to protect cells from environmental damage and dehydration. They also help in healthy cell turnover so that surface layers have a higher population of stronger, younger cells. Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, both topical and internal, decrease the frequency and severity of free radical assaults.

Make Time For Yourself:
The researchers have found that reducing stress can be a significant factor in hydrating and strengthening cells. People who never switch off, are constantly on the go, and never making time for themselves, tend to suffer from cell dehydration. By taking at least a little time each day to relax and do something you enjoy, you can benefit every cell in your body.

Health is wealth. And, when your health is highly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water and food you take, you should be extra careful. Unintentional chronic dehydration can lead to pain and inflammation in the body. It can even be involved in the development of many degenerative diseases. So help your body prevent such illness by increasing water intake on a regular basis. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice, for example. Aim to drink water away from your meals as water can dilute the power of your stomach acid, necessary for the optimal digestion of your food.

Make drinking enough natural water a habit in your life. It won’t take long for you to feel the benefits. It is truly a priceless investment in your long-term health.

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