Skin Care Tips For Your Skin Type

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Tips for skin care have been on the highest demand for years now - whether from magazines, or online articles. Although, what people don’t realize is that a skin care routine is based on skin type and should not be generalized. When it comes to understanding what’s good for your skin, especially the use of products - a dermatologist should be consulted.

These doctors have spent years learning about the skin - what it needs to be in its optimum conditions. Implementing their advice is something that should be done as quick as possible if a skin routine specific for your skin needs to be planned.

Although, prescribed products are best for loving your skin, there are a few tips that we have managed to gather to help you along the journey to glowing skin. We are going to go into three skin types and tips specific to them - dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

Dry Skin: The skin is not adequately hydrated resulting in it looking and feeling dry. When it’s the monsoon season, dry skin gets aggravated and so becomes a lot worse. These tips may be simple but are mostly forgotten during the busy lives we lead, but here we go anyway:
- Hydration: Drinking water is the one simple thing we all tend to forget. Most people don’t drink too much because they urinate a lot more - but it’s just a bathroom trip, don’t stop nourishing your body because of that. When you consume the right amount of water - besides hydrating your body - it also flushes out all the toxins that could harm you.
- Nourishment: Moisturizing skin as frequent as possible - if need be, carry a travel size lotion with you. The helps the outer layer of your skin stay hydrated, enough of this and you’ll have soft skin.
Rose water can be used to keep your skin healthy as well - if there is an irritation due to poor barrier function of the skin (micro cuts, or deranged epidermal function), stop using it asap. Then, do consult a dermatologist as a skin reaction not a good sign.
- Toners: Alcohol dries skin out - this is a basic fact. If your skin is too dry, or is prone to dryness, stay away from toners that are alcohol based. You can figure this out by checking out the labels - something that should be a habit when purchasing products.

Oily Skin: The usual reason behind oily skin is changes in hormones that are determined genetically. Because genes are involved, a permanent solution isn’t there but self care can help change the way the skin feels and looks. Here are some tips:
- Wash Wash: The excess oil from your face needs to removed, so washing your face three to four times a day will do the trick. Do not over wash, as that also can lead to dry skin - you don’t want to replace one problem with another.
- Facial Scrubs: These help in the unclogging of pores while it exfoliates the skin removing dead cell layers that have accumulated. Read the labels and try to purchase products that are natural and not chemical based. Instead of using cold water to wash your face, try warm water. This will help dissolve the oil on your skin helping it look and feel supple and soft.

Combination Skin: This is a combination of both oily and dry skin, so a little extra care should be taken. It presents with either types on different areas of the skin. The dry parts should be cleansed and moisturized while the oily parts should be cleaned and exfoliated once in a while to have an even skin care routine.

Of course when it comes to skin and it’s health, there are a lot of tips and a lot of advice but the truth is that it is just hard sticking to a plan. These tips are mostly likely something you’ve already heard but have you implemented them on a daily basis? Weather affects our skin in harsh ways, and when we let it get out of hand - our skin suffers. Try and stay away from home remedies as they may work for some but not for others - listen to certified specialists instead.

Dermatologists are trained professionals when it comes to understanding your skin - if you are having trouble finding the right way to treat your skin, they are your golden ticket!

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