Skin Issues During The Downpour

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We know the monsoon season is a drag for most people - from being drenched almost every week to making sure you’re always prepared for the worst. Although, there are the good parts like the cozy movie nights and great sleepovers! It has its goods and bads but it definitely does not make your skin happy.

The increase in humidity is an annoyance of new heights - this is what causes a lot of infections to wreak havoc on the body. If you have any skin issues during the monsoon season, a consultation with a dermatologist is needed. Do not risk any infections because you’re lazy to go see a medical professional - this is their forte, so you can trust them. Here are a few skin issues that plague us as the skies cry.

Infections - especially fungal - are the most common during the monsoon. A few of these include: facial folliculitis which the inflammation of the follicles of your hair, acne and even ringworms! The culprit behind most of these infections are bacterial or fungal. The reason we are vulnerable to these infections is because during the season of the down pours, the humidity causes us to sweat a lot. In addition, the season brings with it dehydration, and the negative effects of the sun.

Of course, you can try and fix this - most problems have solutions, you just gotta find them. The best way to help with this is try and keep yourself dry as possible. We know you can’t really avoid being drenched in sweat, but increase the amount of times you shower - it helps. To keep infections at bay, when using public facilities take precaution as this is where infections spread. Also, for the thousandth time, hydrate your body with (miracle ) omit water; 10-12 glasses a day will do wonders.

Excessive sweating, also called, hyperhidrosis is an actual condition. It’s symptoms include excessive sweating in the armpits, palms, soles of the feet, face, torso and even your scalp. Conditions like this one gears up during the monsoon season leading to other issues like body odor. If treatment such as botox injections after being advised by a doctor that is, is too much for you, personal hygiene can be improved to help with this. Oh before we forget! The botox injections are given in the area to reduce the amount of sweating. Botox is used medically to treat disorders of the nerves and muscles - no, not just wrinkles! It is just therapy though, no one said it was a cure.

Pigmentation and uneven skin tones is another thing that we have to worry about. Hyperpigmentation which is such a fancy way of saying that an area of the skin has darkened occurs when there is too much melanin (a pigment) produced. Although, common and harmless it does get worse if the exposure to the mighty sun is increased. It is not too much of a monsoon issue, but if you live in a country where the sun is merciless 90 percent of the time, then this condition is a possibility. The way to help this out is a no-brainer; stay away the sun, and use sunscreen!

Skin allergies - much more common in the capital city of Delhi because of skyrocketing pollution. Allergies can cause multiple reactions on the skin. If you are suffering from an allergic reaction, talk to your doctor first before self-medicating yourself. It is likely that they will prescribe antihistamines, which helps.

These are the most common skin issues that are faced during the monsoon season - there are more. The point is if you notice something on your skin due to the weather, go get it checked out by a doctor. In other ways, you can help yourself as well as there are ways you can prevent skin infections.

The number one rule is to stay dry as possible, wetness increases the chances of bacterial and fungal buildup which will increase your chances of an infection. Make sure your showers are worth it - shower at least twice a day, especially if you sweat excessively. The warm waters open up the pores, saving you from breakouts because of clogged pores. Always keep your skin clean!

Try to keep away from any products that are oil based, this only increases the oil produced in the skin which can lead to rashes and breakouts - try and go natural this monsoon. The rains cause an incredible increase in humidity which also along with killing our skins glow, can slow down our digestive system. Eating the right food and taking care of yourself will help your body to heal anything faster which is great news for your skin, right?