Skin care tips while travelling

Hacks for great skin this winter

Seasons keep changing, and life keeps moving. The pace of life only keeps increasing, and only once in a blue moon do you get to catch a breath. In such a busy life, micromanaging everything is [...]

The Science Behind Cell Hydration: Dry Skin

Dry skin has often been a problem for many of us in our daily lives. A dull complexion that does not go away even after using a highlighter and bright blush may likely have one reason behind it: [...]

Fungal infections and everything about them

A fungal infection is an inflammatory skin condition caused due to invasion of skin or other tissues by a fungal organism. There are millions of fungal organisms present in the environment, in [...]

Winter is here: Is your skin ready?

The sudden nip in the air, the falling of the crimson leaves, the colorful gatherings near the tea stalls indicate that winter is knocking on the doors. With winter comes in the festivities. We [...]

Your guide to chapped lips

They say, “A smile, is the key to a person’s heart”. This winter let’s make sure we don’t lose the key due to dry, chapped lips. In the blog post we discuss everything [...]

Must have skin care products this winter

Winter is here and with it comes foggy winter mornings, clear blue skies, crimson foliage and a cold nip in the air. It is the season of festivals and parties, which also makes it the season [...]

How to treat damaged winter hair

When we think of winter, the first image that comes to our mind is a diva clad in a red chiffon saree with shining brown cascade-like hair singing and dancing around the snow covered mountains. [...]

Atopic eczema and how you can combat it

Winter can cause a flaring up of many skin conditions. In this blog post we discuss one such condition called atopic eczema.  What is atopic eczema? Atopic Eczema or atopic dermatitis is an [...]

How to avoid dry skin

In an earlier blog post we covered some effective ways you can deal with oily skin. Now that “winter is coming” we deal with the issue of dry skin, the causes for it and a few ways you can [...]

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