Perfect skin care routine for women

Today we have polluted our environment to the extent that notions of natural beauty have become outdated. Our skin gets damaged and needs additional care to look its best. And in a world where a [...]

क्या है मुहांसे?

Skin care tips while travelling

Hacks for great skin this winter

Seasons keep changing, and life keeps moving. The pace of life only keeps increasing, and only once in a blue moon do you get to catch a breath. In such a busy life, micromanaging everything is [...]

If I have a scar (from a burn) on my arm, what are the chances of me getting skin cancer?

Chances are minimal but if a long standing stable scar starts showing activity e.g. Changes in the margins, growth inside the scar, bleeding, pain, change in colour/ texture , it has to examined [...]

What is best moisturisers on market?

A good moisturiser should be paraben and fragrance free especially for those who have sensitive skin. For the body, look for mosturisers containing shea butter, kokum butter, vitamin E, [...]

Has anyone cured the long term side effects of accutane such as dry eyes and lips?

Side effects of accutane like dry lips and eyes, subside within 3 months of discontinuation of the drug or earlier depending on the dose taken. While on the drug one can use a good chemical free [...]

Is lemon good for face washing?

No. Lemon will irritate your skin. Stick to a good detergent free face wash, preferably prescribed by a dermatologist after examining your skin type You can visit our website ( link in our bio [...]

Why do marks made by tight waistbands or socks itch?

Tight clothing temporarily restricts blood flow to the concerned area. So when the tight garment is removed there is a release of circulation and as the residual feeling of tightness lessens ,an [...]

How common are freckles on brown skin?

Freckles can occur in brown skin as well if the person is genetically predisposed to it ( has a history of freckles in either parent ) or has had years of sun exposure without any protection [...]