The Perfect Skin Care Guide For Holi

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Holi is days away and it couldn't be more exciting to look forward to the festivities and celebrations. Although, Holi is extremely fun, it can also be very harsh to your skin. In this blog post, we can help your skin ready for holi with a few simple tips.

Some people may bring in the argument that organic colours don’t cause too much harm. Yes, it’s way better than non-organic colours but your skin needs to be protected from the sun’s damaging rays. The colour and the sun combination is the culprit to your skins looking dull after the fact. If you’re worried about how your skin might react after the festivities are done, you should pre-game with preparing your skin!

Before you step out into the wonderful vibes of vibrant colours, you should make sure that your skin is prepped with products that help reduce skin damage. Do not start using new products at random, speak with your dermatologist to avoid any negative drug reactions.

Oil your hair lightly with virgin coconut oil to prevent colour from sticking to your hair. Tie your hair up to prevent a larger surface area from catching colour. Avoid using oil on the face and body in the daytime before sun exposure. Moisturising with a good lotion is better.

Protip: Use a mild moisturiser. Be generous with the lotion, as this is the barrier that blocks the colours being absorbed in the skin. This will make it a lot easier to wash off later!

Cover your skin with the best:
While outdoors exposed to dust and chemicals, make sure you dress up to protect your skin. Full sleeves shirts such as kurtas or salwars, joggers and T-shirts. This also helps keeps the sun’s harsh rays from causing damage to your skin.

Opt for wearing dark colours as when mixed with water, colour is less likely to seep into your skin. Wearing cotton is not only comfortable but is a fabric that lets’ your skin breathe. Instead of tight clothes that could lead to skin reactions, try wearing cotton clothing.

Make sure you’re protected from the sun:
The sensitive skin on your face is going to be vulnerable to the colours and the sun’s rays and heat. Wash your face with a mild cleanser prior to using a moisturising lotion and sunscreen that contains SPF 50.

Suntans and burns are the most common skin conditions that usually occur after festivities as such due to long hours in the sun. Use a sunscreen that is water resistant and with an SPF of at least 30 or more. It would be advisable to carry sunscreen with you so you can re-apply every two hours or so.

Skin experts say that the best time to apply sunscreen is after you’ve showered and 20 minutes before heading into the sunny day.

Protip: Apply moisturiser before sunscreen.

Protect the claws:
You eat with your hands, and you don’t want anything entering your tummy through the dirt that can accumulate under your nails. Using a small amount of olive or coconut oil or vaseline on your nail beds should protect colour from sticking to the skin around it.

Pro tip: Make sure you have short nails, to reduce the amount of dirt that can accumulate under it.

Chug water:
Holi festivities last hours, so make sure you’re keeping your body hydrated by drinking liquids - water, juice, electrolytes - throughout the day. If your skin is dehydrated, it is most vulnerable to sunburns.

Pro tip: If you are consuming alcohol, make sure you have a glass of water for every peg to avoid puffiness in the morning.

Don’t forget your ears, lips and eyes:
Colour can make its way to the little cracks near your ears, lips and eyes making it harder to get off when the colour party is over. Using vaseline can help protect them along with hydrating them.

Most importantly - ask a dermatologist:
If you have any skin conditions that you are under treatment for or are seeking treatment for, you should consult a professional before you introduce anything new to your skin-care routine. They will be able to give you accurate advice based on your skin type and the severity (if any) of your condition. Avoid any chemical peels or lasers or procedures a few days before and after playing holi.

Happy Holi from the Remedico Team
Stay tuned for our ‘the perfect hair care guide for Holi’!