Tips To Keep Your Hair Fall In Check During The Rains

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How is the monsoon season going for you? Though you may love the cloudy skies, the light drizzles and the "rain drops keep falling on my head" kind of weather, it has an ill effect on your hair and leads to hair fall. It's bad enough that we lose hair while taking a shower but that is out of our hands.

In the articles ‘Too Much Hair On Your Brush This Monsoon?’, we have mentioned the reason behind why people experience an increase in hair fall during the monsoon season. It was a mixture of the environment and our habits as humans of course. But we did promise you a few tips on how to control hair fall during the monsoon, so here we go:

The reasons behind few of these tips will make much more sense when you read our previous article about why the heavy rains cause hair fall. So keep that in mind will you? :)

Tip#1 Wash your hair 2-3 times a week to get rid of the oils on your scalp and the pollutants from the rain that have stuck to your hair. Use a delicate chemical free shampoo as normal shampoos tend to be a bit harsh on the hair.

Tip#2 Oil your hair occasionally to avoid breakdown or breakage of hair. Oiling too often is not necessary as your scalp is already oily due to the weather. Do not keep oil overnight.

Tip#3 Use a rich conditioner to fight the frizz that forms during the monsoons. Rinse with cold water to give it that extra glimmer.

Tip#4 Hair should be kept dry during the monsoons as the weather is already damp enough to damage the hair. Keeping it dry will minimize the breakage and damage done to the hair.

Tip#5 Ridiculous but true, keep yourself hydrated. By drinking loads of water, your hair tends to become stronger and healthier.

Tip#6 Don't comb or tie hair that is wet because then you weaken the root shafts which leads to hair fall. Instead let your hair be open and dry it ASAP.

Tip#7 Don't add too many products or styles to your hair. The chemicals within the products can react with the moisture in the air hence leading to hair fall.

Tip#8 Eating healthy also adds to a reduction in hairfall. Focusing more on a protein filled diet is ideal for reducing hair fall. Carrots, eggs, salmons, NUTS , low-fat dairy products etc are some foods that should be consumed during the monsoons.