What is the best skin whitening cream without side effects for dark skin in India?

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The skin whitening cream that should be used by you will depend on the cause, type and site of pigmentation. No one skin whitening cream is considered best. Many formulations exist singly and in combination that can give good results. It is better to consult a certified dermatologist to ascertain skin type for best response. Whitening creams sold over the counter without a prescription should be avoided as a rule. Every person has skin that is unique and that requires a customized solution.

A skin whitening cream should be used only if you have pigmentation or tanning. While we all want an even, smooth skin tone, it’s quite common to find spots where your skin has become darker (or sometimes lighter) – this is pigmentation. Pigmentation can show up almost anywhere on your body, and can be of many different types. These include freckles, tanning, melasma/chloasma, and post-inflammatory pigmentation, and many more – so understanding what you have (as well as the underlying cause) is an important first step to treating it.

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