Why Are Men Scared To See A Dermatologist?

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It’s 2019, and men have yet to understand that caring for their skin is not based on gender. It’s been decades of women being targeted for skin care products from commercials to grocery stores. Why should men leave behind societal pressure, and put their skin health first? We tell you why in this blog post!

Historically speaking, it was unusual for men to even think about skin care - after all, that wasn’t what being macho was about. In recent years though, the gender gap seems to be closing as men are more inclined to learn about dermatological issues and further treat their conditions.

Why do men shy away from skin care products?
Growing up in an era with excessive gender stereotyping, men have often been left uninformed about skin care. A narrow definition of masculinity men had limited avenues to express different shades of their personality. The boundaries didn’t even embrace wearing pink, let alone dabbing on a face mask! We don’t really know when the idea of feminizing skin care started but it definitely has taken a toll on the male ego.

Starting at a young age, boys are not only expected but are conditioned to be masculine and strong. This affects the way they present themselves - from what they wear to how they speak. Can’t be too effeminate, of course! It is acceptable to be nonchalant but if you go overboard, well, you’re not a real man!

There is a silver lining though, many of these traditional norms are changing to embrace varied sexual preferences and forms of self-expression. Pampering yourself isn’t going to hamper your identity - to the contrary, it’s a way to understand more about what your body needs.

Moreso, there shouldn’t be any distinction for skin care or a dermatologist consultation. Skin care is for skin - which all humans have - shouldn't the products used to treat it have the same effect on both genders? Vanity exists in all humans, and one shouldn’t suffer because society deems vanity a female aspect. Believe it or not, Remedico caters to more male patients than they do female.

Why males should take care of their skin?
Here’s why:

  • Acne is considered to be much more common and severe in males rather than females. Hormones have a huge part to play in this - male hormones, also known as androgens, increases the chances of acne.
  • Male pattern baldness , also known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA), is the most common type of hair loss in men. Commonly seen in white men, less often in black men and much slower in Asian men, androgenetic alopecia is caused by a combination of genes and the way the body responds to testosterone.
  • There are also skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma that affect men more than women - this is important to consider because men usually waive their right to preventative skin care.

So where do we draw the line between keeping your peers happy or taking care of your skin? Let us give you a hint: you’re stuck with your skin for the rest of your life, so we hope you choose to take care of it. There are many conditions that men suffer from and refuse to treat because of a stigma created by an unforgiving society. Men are less likely to even consider seeing a dermatologist, let alone use skin care products other than shaving cream and aftershave.

This is not to say that you pick up the first skin care product you see - always see a dermatologist before you start any skin care routine.

How can you help fast track the ‘male skin care’ movement?
We understand that changing a person’s mind is a challenge let alone a society with years worth of gender bias. So here are some tips that can help you deal with the mental health aspect of things:

  • *Don’t be embarrassed about a skin concern - treat it. *
    You have to realise that men around the world suffer from acne and other medical skin conditions. The point to be remembered here is - it is a MEDICAL condition and SHOULD be treated. The idea of cosmetic treatment and needs should come secondary to skin health.
  • Ignore the stigma and gender norms
    Skin care is not a female thing anymore - and your peers will catch up to this idea in time. You have nothing to prove to them, take care of yourself first.
  • Don’t suffer because you’re scared
    Skin concerns can have an impact on your mental health and don’t jeopardize that because people don’t understand the concept of health care. Put yourself first and see and dermatologist.
  • Educate the masses
    If you come across a peer that praises the notion of femininising skin care, explain to them that skin care is gender neutral. If they have any skin concerns, they should get them treated instead of being embarrassed to see a dermatologist. They’ll thank you!

Can men have a skin care routine?
Of course, and they should! A skin care routine should be for everyone because your skin is constantly exposed to harsh environments. Trust us, our surroundings aren’t gender biased!

Dear men, society may have conditioned your stigma to skin care in your early years, and the idea of macho-ism may still be prevalent but we’re here to tell you none of that matters.

At Remedico, we cater to your needs irrespective of gender! Our dermatologists will prepare a customised treatment plan that helps your skin’s unique needs. So, men, shed the awkwardness and ignore the stigma - love your skin this year instead!