Winter Is Here: Is Your Skin Ready?

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The sudden chill in the air, the crowded tea stalls and hot samosa plates indicate that winter is knocking on the doors. With winter comes the festivities! We take out our colorful shawls, dresses jackets and prep ourselves for the upcoming parties and get-togethers. What we forget is to do is take care of our skin. Our skin needs extra care during winter not only because of the dryness but also for a number of associated reasons we tend to overlook.

Let’s have a look at those underlying reasons which may lead to skin problems:

  1. Junk and Greasy food
    Winter is party season and we unknowingly end up having junk, greasy processed foods that our bodies can't tolerate too much of. Numerous studies have claimed that food on the higher side of the glycemic index (GI), greasy processed food cause hormonal fluctuations and inflammation encouraging acne.

  2. Liquor and Sugar intake
    In a party where it is hard to say ‘NO’ to a sparkling glass of Red wine or a piece of a tempting Tiramisu, watch out! A few pegs here and there might not affect you but over-indulgence can be dangerous, as it causes dehydration, leaving your skin dull, puffy and tired with lines of ageing. Similarly, too much of sugar can lead to higher blood sugar level resulting in acne.

  3. Harsh weather
    The weather in winter is enjoyable but the moisture-less air takes away the moisture from your skin making it dry and itchy. Moreover, the pollution and dust particles worsen the situation by causing redness of skin.

  4. Excessive use of Moisturizers
    Moisturizer save us in cold weather but excessive usage without proper skin care routine can lead to breakouts in the form of pimples. Moisturizers tend to trap dust particles in the air blocking skin pores resulting breakouts.

  5. Excessive use of Hot water
    We all love hot/warm water during winters! It’s not only relaxing but necessary to beat the cold and keep ourselves warm. Keep in mind though that bathing with very hot water can damage skin. Prolonged use of hot water results in skin burning leading to dry, dull, reddish inflamed skin.

  6. Over exposure to the sun
    It feels great to take a stroll or sit under the sun during the cold season. Some of us love spending lazy afternoons soaked in the bright sunlight but being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time without sun protection is damaging to your precious skin. The UV rays from sunlight cause photo-ageing, tanning, pigmentation and can even lead to skin cancer if you have repeated sunburns.

These are the few harmful causes which may seem harmless but can lead to serious skin damage if proper care is not taken. Since, few of the above-mentioned items are absolutely unavoidable, some easy-to-take precautionary measures can keep your skin healthy and alive. Having said that, let’s see how we can prepare our skin to fight these harmful effects and be ready for the winter.


  1. Drink plenty of water:
    We tend to drink less water during the winter season but the easiest and the most effective way to deal with dehydration is to drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day. Not only does it help your skin recover from dehydration but cleanses your system giving you glowing skin.

  2. Use skin moisturizers and lip balms:
    One of the most common problems during winter is dry skin and chapped lips. Using a good moisturizer twice a day enriched with Vitamin E can be useful. Do spend a bit more time in selecting a moisturizer matching your skin type as your skin has its own needs. For soft and supple lips, using a good moisturizing lip balm is highly recommended. This can save your lips from dehydration which, in turn, preserves your lip beauty.

  3. Keep a check on what you are eating:
    If avoiding greasy food is not an option, portion control can be done as anything in permissible amount is not harmful.

  4. Going on a detoxification program:
    Simply start your day with lukewarm lemon water and stick to a simple low GI (glycemic index) diet. Apples, strawberries, green veggies, brown rice, almonds are some of the best detoxifiers for your body. Avoid sugary foods and processed foods!

  5. Exercise
    Go for a 10 min cardio routine to normalize the blood flow in the body which will not magically cure your acne but will significantly reduce its occurrence.

  6. Wash your face: Make sure to wash your face with lukewarm and cold water to keep your pores happy! Use a mild face wash followed by a moisturizer that suits your skin type to maintain a healthy skin.

  7. Showers:
    Try to take showers in lukewarm water and avoid the direct contact of hot water. Use a soft towel to dry your skin!

  8. Sunscreen: Always use a high SPF sunscreen whenever going out in the sun. Carry an umbrella or scarf to cover your face whenever exposed to direct sunlight.

Dry skin, chapped lips, pigmentation, acne during winter are all natural phenomena, although the severity varies from person to person depending on the skin texture and quality. Keeping our skin healthy and making it ready for winter can easily be achieved by following few simple steps or actions in our everyday life.

Let your skin be ready for the beauty of winter!

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