Your Go-To Post Holi Skin and Hair Care Guide

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Holi celebrations are in full swing - how’s your hair and skin doing during the color fest? If you followed our tips on pre-holi skin care and pre-holi hair care, then we’re sure they’re doing just fine.

Holi pre-gaming self-care is relaxing, but post-Holi self-care is a necessity AND relaxing! Your hair and skin need some extra care after holi. Since, you’ve followed our pre-care routine - we hope - you might struggle a little less this year to bring back your healthy locks and glowing skin. Here are some post Holi skin and hair care tips:

Post Holi SKIN care
Holi is over, off with the colours:
The chemicals in the colours are very harsh on skin especially on your face as the skin is quite delicate there. Use a mild cleanser to GENTLY wash the colour off your face first using water that is SLIGHTLY cool. If there is still colour on your face - use a cotton ball dipped in A LITTLE bit of coconut oil. Wash ALL the oil off using your mild cleaner again.

Pro-tip: Most people experience dry skin because your skin has been exposed to harsh chemicals, dry air, hot sun and a lot of cleansing. Use you a moisturising lotion to help your skin bounce back to its natural ph level - be generous.

Let your skin breathe:
You skin has been exposed to chemicals in the colours for a longer duration, so keep your skin free of makeup for a bit. The chemicals in the makeup can react to your vulnerable skin and cause breakouts or a rash that you can just avoid. You can go back to your makeup routine after the colour damage has worn off - a few days at best.

Pro tip: We understand sometimes makeup is something that young women just must have on. If you do want to wear makeup, try not to layer it up - a light compact powder over a moisturising cream can be used.

Lather it up:
Sunscreen is even more important to damaged and vulnerable skin than it is to healthy skin. Your skin is healing from harsh chemicals from the colours so apply sunscreen to prevent your skin from more damage. Simple rule - every 2 hours on your face and neck and any other exposed body part.

Pro Tip: Sometimes applying sunscreen on rashy skin can cause the skin to feel irritated, so apply a chemical free moisturiser first for a couple of days to bring the skin balance back to normal. Avoid excess sun exposure for these few days. Use scarves and hat's for physical sun protection.

Step away from the salon:
Self-care is self-love we know, but just for a week or so try to avoid any salon treatments. This would include threading, waxing, shaving, etc. Your skin has gone through enough irritants in the days before, so let it heal naturally before you apply scary wax to it!

Three rules to live by:
Don’t stray away from your skin care routine in the days after Holi. If you have any left over colour residue, your skin care routine is your go-to at this time. DO NOT change or ADD any products used on your skin UNLESS you’ve consulted a professional. Stick to your normal routine!

Scrub it away:
Exfoliation is good as it helps get rid of the accumulation exposing natural glowing skin. An exfoliator should not be used too often as it could be too harsh on your skin - using it once in 10 to 14 days is ideal. Using too much of an exfoliator will strip the natural oils from your skin! If you have oily skin, then you can use it once or twice a week. Make sure the product you use doesn't have any ‘beads’ that can cause tiny abrasions on your skin.

The basic job for an exfoliator is simple: it removes dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants on the top layer of your skin. Good exfoliators contain salicylic or alpha/beta hydroxy acids which additionally help to unclog pores and slow bacteria growth for some time.

Pro Tip: Enlarged pores most commonly show up on your cheeks and nose, so make sure your focus on those areas when exfoliating! It’s best to start the scrubbing, a day after Holi celebrations not right after.

Post Holi HAIR care
Bring back the basics:
Wash your hair with plain lukewarm water FIRST - no shampoo. Try to get as much as colour off as possible, you can try cooling down the temperature a bit (not too much) if your hair is being difficult. After you’ve got most of the colour out, use a mild shampoo.

Pro tip: Use a conditioner to show your hair some love!

Another round of oil:
After your hair is completely dry, you can apply hair oil like coconut oil from then on - an hour before you shower. Your hair needs some extra hydration after the damage it went through, not to mention your scalp has lost moisture and conditioning would help immensely. DO NOT leave hair oil on overnight as it drips down your face and causes breakouts.

Brush the tresses:
Colours might stay on your hair even after the fun after care, but combing it does help get rid of any of the dry colours.

Itchy no more:
For an itchy scalp apply natural aloe vera gel on the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off or even coconut oil for 30 minutes before a shampoo.

Fab fresh cut:
The vibrant colours can damage hair growth - you can try a trim to get rid off the split ends. This helps the hair to look healthier or just an excuse for a new haircut. This is optional of course, and definitely depends on your hair type.

See a professional:
If you have ANY skin or hair reactions after the celebrations, do not self-diagnose or self-treat as you might worsen your symptoms. Symptoms such as redness, irritation, burning, itchiness or breakouts should be treated by a dermatologist.

If you have any skin/hair conditions that you are under treatment for or are seeking treatment for, you should consult a professional before you introduce anything new to your hair-care routine. They will be able to give you accurate advice based on your hair type and the severity (if any) of your condition.

We hope you enjoyed the festive season! If you were not able to take care of your skin and hair vigilantly this year, don’t worry our posts will be up for you next year as well.